Go get your sexiest photo!

Can’t find one?

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Call for your bridal boudoir photo shoot for a sexy wedding present.

First wedding anniversary?  21st wedding anniversary?  Boudoir pictures will make his head spin.

Intimate portraits to yourself are a gift you will cherish a lifetime.

Celebrate your sexy self shamelessly!

Elegant, tasteful and always sexy!

Boudoir photography is the art of elegantly capturing a woman's beauty and celebrating her sexy side.  Alluring and sensual, capturing you in portraits you will want to treasure a lifetime.  

I love helping women find their inner vixen.  I will be there to advise, enhance, comfort, and coach you as your transformation begins.   No matter how nervous you think you are going to be, once we get started you are going to rock it!  You will know your vixen is in a safe place and can come out and show off to the world for just a little while!  Who knows, once you let the jeanie out you may have a hard time getting her back in the bottle!

This will be an exciting ride for you, but you are in the hands of someone who gets you!  You and I are going to collaborate and create an exciting and empowering experience that you will long remember!  

Check out the price for the full studio session – champagne included!

Bridal Boudoir

Usually done well in advance of the wedding, bridal boudoir are elegant, sensual, sexy images presented in his new “Little Black Book”  (could be red, white, or any color you choose).   This album makes a wonderful wedding present and is a promise of many sexy tomorrows to come!   Bridal boudoir can incorporate items from the upcoming wedding, like your veil, garter, and of course, that bling you are showcasing on your finger right now!

Check out this link for styling ideas for your bridal boudoir shoot!

Maternity Boudoir

Oh man I love photographing pregnant women!   What a wonderful time in a woman’s journey!

 A maternity session requires a bit of finness.  We move a bit slower.  Posing is not near as arduous.  We build in lots of breaks, too.  This shoot takes about an hour and I don’t find that a makeup artist is required, I rely on your natural glow of motherhood!  However, I am glad to add one to the shoot should you desire.  A maternity shoot is only $149 (just $99 if you do not want the milk bath experience!)

Check this out for more information about a maternity shoot!


What is boudoir photography?

What should I expect during my intimate portrait session?

Who will be present while I am having pictures taken in my lingerie?

What type of lingerie should I wear for my portrait session?

Will my boudoir photo shoot be private?

These questions and more will be answered for you…

About Me

Hi! I’m Jan, your boudoir photographer located in the shadow of downtown Houston in Houston’s historic Heights.

Heights Boudoir is my baby, the newest boudoir photography studio in Houston…and I just want to have some fun taking boudoir pictures to celebrate your sexy self shamelessly!


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