Boudoir Photo Session Excuses Houston Texas

Boudoir Photo Session Excuses Houston Texas to postpone is pretty long!  Lots of things may come up in a woman’s life.  I have heard any number of excuses to postpone a sexy boudoir session at my Houston Texas boudoir photography studio, Heights Boudoir.  Notably, a boudoir session is always by appointment.  However, making that commitment can be daunting when you are applying one of the more popular excuses!

Here are some of the more common excuses women may use to postpone a sexy boudoir photography shoot.  The rebuttals are included!

  1.  Let me lose that five extra pounds
  2. There’s still more shopping
  3. I am just too bashful

Boudoir Photo Session Excuses Houston Texas – No. 1

Excuse:  “I still have five more pounds to lose.”

This is the Boudoir Photo Session Excuses Houston Texas that I hear the most frequently.  However, I even hear it from women who have already committed to their Houston boudoir photography experience.

Rebuttal:  “Sorry, it could always be a bit smaller, firmer, bigger, whatever…”

I know that having a goal weight can be a wonderful thing to shoot for.  However, a boudoir photography experience is about embracing your body!  Where its at!  Please do not worry about those last few pounds that you think you need to lose!  Notably, if you are doing this for your special someone, they love your curves!  

You will be surprised how hot you are going to look with the right outfits, sexy posing, and the right kiss of lighting to highlight your assets!  You are going to look smoking hot in your boudoir images!  However, if you happen to master a new piece of equipment at the gym and do things to your butt that you did not think were possible.  Well, I’m just saying, you may have an exceptionally good reason to schedule another boudoir session!

Boudoir Photo Session Excuses Houston Texas – No. 2

Excuse:  “I am not quite ready yet.”

Getting ready has more to do with a state of mind then actually being ready!  A boudoir photography session is in all likelihood a new experience.  It seems like there are at least a zillion details to see to prior to a session.  However, clients do not need to get lost in all those details.  

Rebuttal:  “It just doesn’t have to be a certain way…”

The perfect lingerie, on the perfect body, with the perfect makeup does not make a perfect image!  However, your actual style must prevail – especially if boudoir is a gift!  Notably, your special someone wants to see intimate portraits of you.  The real you!  Therefore, I advice everyone to shop for their boudoir session in their own drawer first!  

If you never wear stockings, reconsider bringing thigh highs or a garter.  However, if you have always dreamed of rocking this look, your boudoir session is a great place to start.  

Embrace your style!  Some  women arrive with a large suitcase full of lingerie!  Most of the lingerie came out of their closet!  There may be a new piece or two special for the boudoir session.  That’s great!  We will get a variety of looks and try to mesh them well!  Other women, however, arrive with a small tote!  In that tote will be a nightie, black lingerie, and something light toned!  This woman is equally prepared – and she is going to have images that represent her style.  

If you are not ready because you are lost in the weeds – you are probably overthinking it!  Seriously, you got this!  

Boudoir Photo Session Excuses Houston Texas – No. 3

Excuse:  “I am just too nervous!”

Of course you are!  New experiences make even the bravest woman nervous!  However, after a few baby steps you are going to shake those nerves off and rock your boudoir session!

Rebuttal:  “That’s great…”

Walking into a strangers studio, sharing your most intimate clothing, getting into sexy poses (believe me, they don’t feel sexy when your getting into them!) is not a normal day for most women!  Oh, I like to call it fun…but its not exactly fun.  However, some clients do love their experience and thoroughly enjoy the whole process once they are “settled”.   Although, some clients feel exposed and share intimate thoughts and feelings because the nature of boudoir helps her bring intimate thoughts to the surface.  

That’s right, you are going to feel comfortable in your skivvies after a bit.  Not a long bit, but yes, you would not be normal if the thought of posing in lingerie in front of a stranger didn’t inspire some nervousness.  Notably, some have experience in modeling and are right at home!  But that’s few and far between!

Embrace those nerves!  You got this and I’m going to make sure you rock it!  

Boudoir Photo Session Excuses Houston Texas

Boudoir Photo Session Excuses to keep from keeping that boudoir appointment

In Conclusion…

If you are considering celebrating your sexy self – shamelessly, with a boudoir shoot try this blog – different looks at a boudoir session.  Also, while I forward this preparing for a boudoir session to many, I also point out that clients just need to consider the things that speak to them!  If any part of getting ready is not your style – skip it!  We got you covered!  And uncovered!

Are you lingerie hoarder?  Looking for someone new and unique?    Try Houston area smoking hot sexy shop, Darling Way in the Heights!  

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