Does a Boudoir Photo Session Sound Like a Great Idea

A boudoir photo session sure does seem like an incredible experience in your mind. The preparation, celebrating your sexy side, having sexy boudoir photos of yourself forever, not to mention how excited your special someone is going to be to be the beneficiary of your boudoir experience!

How can you be sure, however, that a boudoir photo session is the right experience for you?   

A boudoir photo session is something some women tuck away in the back of their mind and pull it out occasionally to examine the possibility. Other women will celebrate with boudoir photos to commemorate a special time in their lives.

Which ever category a woman falls into, she will have a million questions in her mind before she is ready to pull the trigger on a boudoir photo session.

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Top Houston Boudoir Photo and the Gift of Sexy Photos is a boudoir photo session right for you?

Caitlyn boudoir session with Top Houston Boudoir Photo accessory – pearls

Do I have the confidence for a boudoir photo session?

A boudoir session is great for a woman who is confident! However, its even better for the woman who may not have so much! Notably, if you cannot remember looking at your fabulous ass in a mirror and saying, “Damn you look good,” you may really benefit from a boudoir experience.

Honest to God, you do not need to alter one single thing about your body to prepare for a boudoir session. You are sexy the way you are! You are already perfect and will rock your boudoir session!

Is a boudoir photo session right for me?

A boudoir session is the perfect opportunity for a well-deserved day of celebrating yourself!

During your session, you won’t have to worry about a thing.  Nervous to have makeup done during the age of COVID?  Don’t worry, do it yourself or put yourself in the hands of someone you trust.  Prefer my makeup artist Sil do the honors, just let me know and we will arrange it!

I am totally dedicated to showing Texas women how sexy they truly are!  Honestly, these are very difficult times we are all facing, and a bit of self care will go a long way for all of us!

When is the best time to book a boudoir photo session?

Houston women love boudoir images to celebrate a significant birthday, wedding, anniversary, baby, baby going off to college, etc. etc.  Lots of reason to celebrate with a boudoir photo session!  However, my favorite reason, just because!

You deserve a bit of celebration every day!

Celebrating your sexy self – shamelessly is my catch phrase.  However, when a woman puts herself first she is actually empowering herself.  Therefore, no bad time for a boudoir photo session as far as I am concerned!  Notably, someone you adore may become the beneficiary of your boudoir experience, the actual experience belongs one hundred percent to you!

Boudoir photographs represent a moment in time when you are expressing your best self!  Embracing the sexy woman that you are!   a

And do it just because you want to!

You do not need a reason to experience a boudoir photo session, your just ready!   Celebrating you is as good a reason as any – perhaps even a better reason!   

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In Conclusion

I really appreciate you stopping by my blog on if you are ready for a boudoir photo session!  I hope you got some encouragement if you are considering a boudoir session!

Why are you considering a smoking hot boudoir session! I hope I peaked your interest in celebrating your sexy self – shamelessly!

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Jan Watson at Houston area Heights Boudoir Photography Studio

About Me

 Let me introduce myself – I’m Jan! It is my pleasure to meet you.  I would love to be your boudoir photographer and help you get that perfect sexy anniversary gift. I don’t care your age!  Capturing the beauty of all women of all shapes, sizes, and ethnicities is my goal As for me, I retired from hospice nursing a few years ago.  I am well into my 50s!  Therefore, very worldly!  (Just kidding) Luckily, I found something to keep me busy, meeting people, and creating – and that’s taking boudoir photographs of the best women in the world! You!

For More Information…

You can choose boudoir for a variety of reasons and as a sexy anniversary gift for the one you love (or just for yourself) is an awesome reason!  Lingerie ideas are a big component once you decide a boudoir photo session is right for you!  For some great style ideas, check out the lingerie at Darling Way in the Heights! Honestly, you don’t even need a reason for boudoir, but you always need to care for your nutritional needs!   However, if you would like additional information like a pricing guide, our handy guide to preparing for a boudoir session, or just some information to determine if a boudoir session might be right for you, drop me a line!  I’d love to hear from you!  Naturally, there is absolutely no obligation! 

So go on, give me a call. Let’s get naked and take some pictures! (kidding, just kidding!)

I would love to hear why you are considering boudoir…