Boudoir Photography Houston Client Experience

What can you expect at your Boudoir Photography Houston Client Experience?  One thing you can expect is that you are among friends.  We want you to have a wonderful experience at Heights Boudoir, and we want you to fall in love with yourself all over again.  Perhaps, fall in love with yourself for the very first time!

Check this out if your are considering a Boudoir Photography Houston Client Experience at Heights Boudoir.   The Guide to Preparing has lots of information on getting ready for a boudoir session.  Notably, a lot of good information to get you ready!

Boudoir Photography Houston Client Experience

Boudoir Photography Houston Client Experience with Ms. M

Expect to Relax at Your Boudoir Photography Houston Client Experience

Once you arrive to the studio located in my home in the Heights, you get to relax!  Kind of…depends on how you define relaxing!  Actually, the anticipation part ends and the reality steps in!  The nerves are abated, you realize you can do this.  I have you…and you are going to be okay prancing around in your skivvies in front of me – and without your skivvies.  Once here, you will know what you have to do, that takes care of ninety percent of the nerves.  Therefore, you will be able to relax, get into the groove.  We will have a game plan – what you will wear, what order, how I will help you get into sexy poses, and you will feel, “I can do this.”  

If you are having makeup provided here at the studio, you will be sipping on a mimosa or a glass of champagne.  I will spread your glorious lingerie out on the bed and we will start mapping your session.   If you came ready to be photographed, you will be sitting on the bed with me!  We will plan on three to four changes in sets and outfits.  There may be some overlapping, we will let the outfit selection guide us.  However, if you have visions of the nearly naked white sheet session, that will replace one outfit choice.  

There is a private dressing area that you will have all to yourself.  Therefore,  once have your wardrobe selected you can be  assured of privacy as you put on your first outfit.  Notably, at this point, you will feel very comfortable.  

Expect Fun at your Boudoir Photography Houston Client Experience

The clients are instructed not to worry about posing – that’s my job!  You will be directed into a pose and we will start making adjustments from the base pose.  However, you will never have to wonder where to place your hands or whether you should be smiling or not.  I will guide you through a variety of poses from the base pose, then we will move on to another one.  However, I will be moving in and out of the poses with you to make it as clear as possible!  

It is a bit of work!  It is not uncommon for clients to find a new found respect for professional models once they have concluded their boudoir session!  

Expect an Afterglow from your Boudoir Photography Houston Client Experience

Prior to leaving, you and I will schedule your reveal session.  This session usually occurs 3-5 days after your boudoir experience.  However, if you are traveling in the very near future, you can actually schedule your viewing up to 21 days in advance.  Better yet, give me a call when you return to town!  

After all, boudoir is about you!   Try this quick read on a women who seek out a boudoir photography experience and why!

In Conclusion…

Your boudoir session will last about two hours for the photography portion.  With makeup, expect it to take closer to 3-4 hours.  It sounds like a long time, but you will be pretty busy and the time will fly by!  You are going to love it!    However, your partner will really love you for it!  Here’s another blog on Boudoir Advice You Should Listen To!

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