Boudoir Photography Houston Lingerie Ideas in Red

Thinking about incorporating a little red in your boudoir session at Heights Boudoir Photography?  Houston Lingerie Ideas in Red are bold!  Red is a hot color and one outfit option is often a fiery shade of red!  Especially popular around Christmas and Valentine’s Day, but should be considered all other time of the year too!  Always, consider your coloring first!  I find the dark, exotic look is especially red friendly.  However, red is always a state of mind…or attitude!

Houston Lingerie Ideas – Sexy Vintage Style Red Lingerie

Boudoir Photography Houston Lingerie Ideas in Red

This classic vintage style red lingerie will show off your curves in a fiery way!  The fur trimmed red robe will add depth and a bit of the Hollywood style to your images.  High heels will give your legs a bit of length.  The scrappy thing could be traded for a pair of high waisted vintage panties.  I like that this bra has a bit of extra, but sheer, coverage. 

Houston Lingerie Ideas – Sexy Red Corset and Garter


Boudoir Photography Houston Lingerie Ideas in Red


This classic red corset will be fiery on any woman!  The waist cinching gives almost everyone that sexy hour glass shape.  Stilettos give your legs length.  The garter belt could be paired with red, white, nude, or black stockings – you choose what works for you.  I prefer nude!  If investing in a corset is too frivolous for you, consider a body suit that you may be able to pair with a blazer for a sexy night out on the town in order to get a little extra mileage with it!  

Houston Lingerie Ideas – Smokin’ Hot Red Lingerie and Wig

Boudoir Photography Houston Lingerie Ideas in Red

Something for everyone I say!  A scrappy number goes a long way, and this could be photographed from several angles (I probably would not recommend straight on!).  But you get the idea, sometimes a girl just wants to sizzle delicious!


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In Conclusion…

Whatever color you love, bring a selection of lingerie!  All my selections were fiery red, but A&M fans often bring maroon tone of red.   You are going to love it!    However, your partner will really love you for it!  Here’s another blog on Boudoir Advice You Should Listen To!

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