The Best Sexy Photos utilize boudoir props that have meaning! Sexy Boudoir Props that enhance the Best Sexy Photos are a must at a boudoir session!  Props and accessories started to be incorporated into sexy images and tasteful photos around the 1940s.  While the potential prop list for a boudoir photography session is endless, here are ten of my favorites.  We are the Houston area boudoir studio, Heights Boudoir.  

Most of the Sexy Boudoir Props that enhance the Best Sexy Photos are easy to secure for a boudoir shoot.  Notably, Sexy Boudoir Props that enhance boudoir photos is a list a mile long!   Therefore, difficult to obtain items like an elephant, wild Arabian horse, or a unicorn could make it once in a life time experience – we discourage these items.  However, if the animal lover in you insists, lets do it at your place! 

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Retro Boudoir Session with Coca Cola Curlers at Houston Boudoir Studio Heights Boudoir Best Sexy Photos

Retro Boudoir Session with Coca Cola Curlers at Houston Boudoir Studio Heights Boudoir

A Bit of Something Soft – Sexy Textile!

Some soft, sheer flowing items are sexy Boudoir Props that enhance the Best Sexy Photos.  A wrap, or sheer robe made of lace or silk is a very sexy prop.  Not only does a bit of soft fluff cover some bits clients would rather not expose, the item gives hands a job in images!  Not only does a bit of something soft cover, but draping can carry an eye through a photo.  However, most of us will wish to avoid something that would add bulk.  Lace, silk, satin are all excellent choices!

A Special Keepsake – Think Jewelry

Sexy Boudoir Props that enhance the Best Sexy Photos can be the jewelry he has given you over the years, the bit of bling he gave you when he proposed, or that pair of Louboutin he got for you while you were on vacation.  A special keepsake can also be a framed photograph that sits next to your side of the bed, or the football he through the game winning pass during the college years.  Notable, the keepsake is some special item to either you or your partner…so bring it!  However, we do not have to make a whole set to that item, but a few poses will help tell your story!

Your Partner’s Something Something…

His tie or shirt are traditional, sexy boudoir props the Best Sexy Photos.  His plain white button down oxford shirt over a pair of panties, or nothing at all, is a very sexy look. A common adventure for clients is how they smuggled those sexy boudoir props out of the  house on the day of their session!  However, you can’t know the number of times women lamented that his one white button up must have been at the cleaners!  Fortunately, I always have a few hanging in my closet!

Well thought out boudoir session often include something that is really personal to you, your partner, or you two as a couple.  This might be your favorite bottle of whiskey, beer, or a book of poems he read to you on a very romantic get away.  One client brought a couple LPs the couple collected together.  Another couple brought a coffee cup they got together on vacation.  I can’t always tell you what the prop is for the Best Sexy Photos, but you will know it when you see it!

Smoking Hot Shoes are very Sexy Boudoir Props!

Like you, I love sexy shoes as Sexy Boudoir Props!  My ability to balance in a pair of stilettos, well, those days are over.  Not to mention this damn sciatica!  However, you do not have to actually walk in those shoes!  Therefore, bring those sexy shoes, and I will kindly hand them to you to put on after you get onto the chaise or the bed!  

Coca Cola curlers Red Polish for the Best Boudoir Session and preparing for a boudoir session

Coca Cola curlers Red Polish for the Best Boudoir Session

Best Boudoir Props at Houston Boudoir Studio Heights Boudoir

Stockings are Sexy Boudoir Props for those Long Legs

Oh, what is sexier than stockings?  Used with garters or just the thigh high types are sexy as hell.  Whether wearing a corset or just some sexy undies, these accessories are erotic.  Likewise, shots with and without them give variety to your boudoir photo shoot with really only a minor change in the wardrobe.  However, not everyone looks great in stockings!  I’ll let you be the judge! Does he love you in them?  Do you love you in them?  Therefore, bring them!  We can do some with and some without!

Kinky Sexy Boudoir Props are Fun

You know what I mean hear…that stuff.  The fun prop that just pushes for the Best Sexy Photos over the edge a bit.  Anything that spells bondage, domination, etc.  Whips, blindfolds, handcuffs, riding crop, chains – what have you.  This type of collection can really show you have a wild side!  Who knows?  They could even broaden your horizons and wake up that vixen inside!

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In Conclusion…

Thanks for stopping by my blog on Sexy Boudoir Props to achieve the Best Sexy Photos!  I hope you can imagine yourself in a super sexy image rocking those props to help you celebrating your sexy self – shamelessly! I’m Jan!   I would love to be your boudoir photographer.   Capturing the beauty of all women of all shapes, sizes, and ethnicities is my goal.  However, I know how intimidating it can be – but don’t worry!  You will be in safe, caring hands! As for me, I am a retired nurse who now loves taking pictures to help women celebrate their sexy sides!  I am the big 6-0 (not height Therefore, I have been around the block, at least twice!  As I am a bit stubborn, sometimes I had to make three trips to get it right.   Also, married to Tim the Tool Man Watson.   As I have mentioned before, things may not always get picked up in a hurry around here, by God they get fixed, refined, remodeled, remolded, and man the trouble we have gotten into with repainting! Yup, the studio is in an old Heights Bungalow and we have been rehabbing this baby for about ten years now!  However, sometimes we had so much fun rehabbing things, we tore it down so we could do it again.  Notably, even at our ages, we are still learning! 

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So go on, give me a call. Let’s get naked and take some pictures! (kidding, just kidding!)

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Jan Watson at Houston area Heights Boudoir Photography Studio

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