Boudoir & Glamour Photography Differences

Clients will inquire about the Boudoir & Glamour Photography Differences.  Many people will look at boudoir and glamour images and deduce that these two types of portraits are very similar.  However, there is often a bit of overlap between genres that is open to interpretation.  Therefore, I will put in my two cents on this debate!

Boudoir Definition

Technically, boudoir photography captures women in their boudoir!  Therefore, boudoir is not a type of image, but rather a location.  Boudoir Photography is about capturing a woman in a private, intimate setting.  Often, boudoir images will have the woman looking away, perhaps smiling to herself.  Notably, the goal of boudoir images are to create a voyeuristic feel.  Capturing those images in a way to tell an alluring, private, sexy story is the art of boudoir photography.

Boudoir & Glamour Photography Differences are in the eye of the beholder at times

Boudoir & Glamour Photography Differences can be difficult to define

Glamour Definition

Glamour photography is a bit more difficult to define.  However, one point almost everyone agrees on is that the focus is the woman.  Her image can portray beauty, sex, allure, fun, power, energy, or any emotion imaginable.  Rather than the voyeuristic feel of boudoir, glamour may illicit a more fantasy feeling.  Therefore, the determination is in the way the photo makes the viewer feel.

Boudoir & Glamour Photography Differences are sometimes clear

Boudoir & Glamour Photography Differences are easy to see here


Trying to define any specific type of art is often like herding cats – its just not so easy!  However, Boudoir & Glamour Photography Differences are overlapping! Therefore, difficult to define but you know when you see it!.  

Notably, when I make a selection of images to reveal to my client, I show images in both camps.  Therefore, it is my client who will decide if she is more comfortable with those voyeuristic images or the glamorous images.  However, the selection is often made on the “feel” the image provokes.  

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