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Why A Sexy Wedding Gift for Him?

Why a sexy wedding gift for him of Bridal Boudoir Photography Houston women?  Boudoir photography is a wonderful way to celebrate your sexy self shamelessly! At Houston area Heights Boudoir Studio we celebrate with you the sexy side of your upcoming marriage.  Your groom will get a red hot Wedding Gift, you will also have a chance to appreciate all the hard work you have put into preparing for your big day!

While you will be giving your significant other a wonderful gift, you will be also giving your self the gift that yes, you are sexy!  Read the complete Bridal Boudoir Photography Houston Blog for details!

What Bridal Boudoir Photography Houston Ladies?

What exactly is Bridal Boudoir Photography Houston ladies? You get to decide the answer to that question!  However, some of the options that will make a beautiful Bridal Boudoir Photography Houston Session could be your veil, maybe the garter belt.  Have you purchased special lingerie to wear beneath your gown?  Bring those sexy items!  A sexy nightie for the honeymoon?  Nice to have a few images of that little number!  Or, just bring the items that make you feel sexy as hell!  Notably, the images are the ones that make you feel amazing!

Where can I get Bridal Boudoir Photography Houston Brides?

Where to go for Bridal Boudoir Photography Houston brides?  Heights Boudoir Photography Studio in the Houston Heights would love to be your Boudoir Photography Studio!  Heights Boudoir is located very near downtown Houston in the photographer’s home.  Therefore, your privacy is maintained at all times.  Beware, its a purple bungalow that is generally always in some state of remodeling (sorry, its nearly a hundred years old!)

How to Pick a Bridal Boudoir Photography Houston Studio to Create My Wedding Gift?

How would I go about selecting a Bridal Boudoir Photography Houston Studio?  There are any number of photographers in the Houston area that specialize in this type of photography!  The most effective avenue, browse the bridal boudoir photographer’s gallery.  Thus, selecting one who reflects a style you like.  Notably, if you are drawn to black and white images, I would veer away from a photographer that offers light, bright, airy images.  

Also, be mindful of the product you want to present to your significant other.  Be sure that the Bridal Boudoir Photography Houston Studio offers the type of album you would like to present!  Also, if you have your heart set on high resolution digital images, be sure the studio you select provides those as well!  

Another Consideration, Is Male or Female Right for You?

Some women appreciate the input from a male photographer when producing sexy images.  Honestly,  I have nothing against men, I assure you…as evidenced by marrying more than my fair share of them!  Personally, I would select a female photographer.  However, their are both men and women who can provide you with beautiful images that you will love for years and years to come.

When should I book my Bridal Boudoir Photography Houston Session?

When should you book your Bridal Boudoir Photography Houston Session?  A minimum of a month ahead of the big day.  Longer if possible.  You are going to be very busy as the big day approaches.  Please plan to have the gift in your hand at least a week or two before you intend to present your Bridal Boudoir Photography images.  Also, please make it fun for yourself!  Time gives you a bit of opportunity to enjoy the process more – shopping, planning, sneaking items out of the house, spa days, manicures…that’s time you should plan to enjoy!  You deserve it!  

What does a Bridal Boudoir Photography Houston Session entail?

What should you expect at your Bridal Boudoir Photography Houston Session?  The actual  boudoir photography session will take about two hours.  You will probably get in 3-4 outfit changes, a wide variety of poses, and feel pretty comfortable with the whole process after 15 minutes or so.  Prior to photography, if receiving makeup artist services at the studio, that process takes about 90 minutes.  You will return 3-5 days later to view your images and select the manner in which you would like to display those images.

How Do I Give Him My Wedding Gift

How to present your Wedding Gift?  That is entirely up to you!  Brides opt for a variety of gift giving opportunities!  Notably, the night before the wedding is a nice option.  After you leave the ceremony can be another option.  At the location where you plan to spend your first night together as Mr. & Mrs.  However, if leaving for your honeymoon right after the wedding or the next day, the first day of the honeymoon is romantic.  Here are a few ides on Presenting Him with His Wedding Gift

Bridal Boudoir Photography Houston

Bridal Boudoir Photography Houston

In Conclusion….

Your Bridal Boudoir Photography Houston Sexy Woman Session will be fun!  To prepare for your session, you can read more in this Guide to Preparing for a Boudoir Session



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Celebrate your sexy self – shamelessly!

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