Christmas Boudoir Sessions Now Available!

Have you started thinking about what you will be giving your parter for Christmas?  Consider Sexy Boudoir Photos for Christmas and make your partner a very, very happy special someone!Sexy Christmas Photos or Sexy Boudoir Photos anytime at Houston Boudoir Studio Heights Boudoir

Sexy Christmas Photos at Houston Boudoir Studio Heights Boudoir

Sexy Boudoir Photos!

Give your loved one Sexy Boudoir Photos and make their holiday a very special day to remember.    Intimate images of you will light their fire in front of the fireplace this Christmas!  Notably, now is the time to take advantage of the 2021 Heights Boudoir 12 Days of Christmas Special!!  Those Sexy Boudoir Photos can me teased out one day at a time during the 12 Days of Christmas – and then BANG – spring for the album to unwrap in a very private, very sexy Christmas morning celebration.

I Know You are Busy…but this won’t take long!

Come on in to Heights Boudoir for a quick one hour boudoir session to gift Sexy Boudoir Photos.   It doesn’t need to be a lengthy process, just like it doesn’t need to be a very expensive gift!  This package is the perfect package to dip your foot into the boudoir pool.  Just come in after your scheduled mani/pedi, run by the Mac counter at Macy’s or get a makeover at Sephora, or just handle it yourself!  If you like, I have a makeup artist who will be happy to provide this service for you for an additional cost.

Giving Sexy Boudoir Photos does not have to be complicated!  Its fun!  And your special someone is going to love it!  Gifting Sexy Boudoir Photos during the 2021 Heights Boudoir 12 Days of Christmas Special (or any time of the year)  will provide cheer and lots of sexy goodwill in your household!  Not to mention, its also a Gift to Yourself!  

Heights Boudoir – Twelve Days of Christmas Special 2021

Scheduling your boudoir session is easy!  Just call, e-mail, snail mail or smoke signal me and we will set up your private boudoir one hour session!  

Bring your favorite lingerie outfit and plan on a little implied nude action with a white sheet

We will take some timeless and some very sexy Christmas shots to celebrate the season!

About two weeks after your session you will select your 12 favorite images at an in person reveal session

Receive those same 12 images on a shareable phone app as well as a thumb drive

Print Authorization will be Included

Pay $249.50 to secure your session and $249.50 when you select your 12 images (about two weeks after your session)


Want to use Sil, my makeup artist?  Her fee is $180- just let me know and I will coordinate with her

Add a smoking hot leather bound album for just $129 more – must be sent to the printer by December 7 to assure delivery by Christmas


Give the Gift of Sexy Boudoir Photos for 499!

This Christmas Special will end about two weeks before Christmas, so lets get you scheduled! The studio closes for the holidays so I would like to have the Christmas collections delivered well before the 25th!

In Conclusion…

Thanks for stopping by my blog!  I hope you choose to Give Sexy Boudoir Photos during the 2021 Heights Boudoir 12 Days of Christmas Special!Jan Heights Boudoir Photographer Houston Boudoir Studio for Sexy Boudoir Photos

Jan Watson at Houston area Heights Boudoir Photography Studio

About Me

 Let me introduce myself – I’m Jan! It is my pleasure to meet you.  I would love to be your boudoir photographer and help you get that perfect sexy anniversary gift. I don’t care your age!  Capturing the beauty of all women of all shapes, sizes, and ethnicities is my goal As for me, I retired from hospice nursing a few years ago. I found something to keep me busy, meeting people, and creating – and that’s taking boudoir photographs of the best women in the world! You!

For More Information…

You can choose boudoir for a variety of reasons and as a sexy anniversary gift for the one you love (or just for yourself) is an awesome reason!  Lingerie ideas are a big component once you decide a boudoir photo session is right for you!  For some great style ideas, check out the lingerie at Darling Way in the Heights! Honestly, you don’t even need a reason for boudoir, but it is the season to be sexy! However, if you would like additional information like a pricing guide, our handy guide to preparing for a boudoir session, or just some information to determine if a boudoir session might be right for you, drop me a line!  I’d love to hear from you!  Naturally, there is absolutely no obligation! 

So go on, give me a call. Let’s get naked and take some pictures! (kidding, just kidding!)