5 Keys for Best Lingerie Images

If you are considering getting Best Lingerie Images  for yourself or your loved one in the near future, here are five keys to maximize your sexy self during your boudoir session.  However, way more than five things to do to prepare, but these five keys are so very essential for great image.  For a sexy boudoir session,  check out the  Guide to Preparing for more information.

1. Best Lingerie Images Rock with Sexy Hair

Hair is so individual!  If utilizing a makeup artist to also do your hair, come with clean dry hair to the studio.  However, if you are having your hair quaffed by your personal stylist, you have to know your own hair. Best Images in Lingerie are often accented with lose curls, beachy style.  Fine hair may not hold that curl if you receive your styling the day or evening prior to your session.  However, some women can rock a blow out for a week – we all have different hair!  

Absolutely, the style should be more sensuous than your usual style, but not completely different!  Notably, do not try any new hair styles for your boudoir session!  However, do get your roots touched up prior to your session if they are problematic!  

2.  Makeup for Best Lingerie Images

The makeup artist needs a nice clean pallet.  Therefore, arrive to your boudoir session with squeaky clean skin!   If you elect not to use the Makeup Artist at Heights Boudoir, then whoever is providing this service will also need you to be squeaky clean.  Notably, after the makeup is applied, let it be you!  

Makeup for studio lighting is a bit complicated, and I would like to say there is a one trick pony, but there is not. Best Images in Lingerie with flawless makeup are to die for, but if you hate wearing makeup and will feel “not genuine” with a too heavy application of makeup, please don’t worry.  I love natural looks.  Eyes and lips will need extra pop for the camera, we all know that.  Eye brows need to frame the face.  However, lighting will take care of contouring in many of your Sexy Pics.  

Your images will be beautiful, even if you where very light makeup.  However, do remember that even if you elect a lighter coating, this is your day.  Sitting in that makeup chair, whether at the studio or at the Mac Counter in Macy’s, you will feel pampered and, hopefully, confident that you have received professional services.  Although, if you are providing your own makeup, feel confident that that is what is right for you.  No amount of makeup in the world cover your inner beauty!

3.  Skin that Wows for Best Lingerie Images!

The day before your boudoir shoot take a nice bath or shower and shave. Use clear deodorant please.

If you wax, do so a few days before your shoot. This will avoid bumpiness or redness. Eyebrows should be nicely shaped and groomed.

Most importantly, moisturize, moisturize, moisturize!  Thus, lets get that skin soft for the camera!  Importantly, do moisturize heavily the morning of your shoot.  Also, wear loose clothing to your boudoir photography session.  A nice loose dress or cover-up will do great. Be comfortable. However, wear a strapless bra if being sans bra is not to your liking! Thus, preventing unnecessary marks on your skin.

4.  Wardrobe for Best Images in Lingerie Images

The Preparation Guide recommends light and dark toned lingerie.  This is imperative for Best Images in Lingerie with variety!  If your abdomen is a sensitive spot for you, wear lingerie or bring items that do not showcase this area.  Are your upper arms your area that you wish were more toned?  Then bring items that you can wear off your shoulders.  Both of these common problem areas can be aided with a silky robe, loose sweater, his button up shirt.  However, the corset can be a great addition, or even better, one or two of those sexy body suites!  

Also, if you would like to try a few implied nude poses, do bring or come in nude panties (especially if being naked in the studio is not in your comfort zone).  Notably, a white sheet or fluffy wrap can be draped in ways to cover your bits, but leave an awful lot to the imagination!  

Make sure you have tried on all the items you bring to the shoot. No surprises please. Ill-fitting lingerie should be kicked to the curb. Why have a bra in your wardrobe that doesn’t showcase the girls to their absolute best?   Clothing that doesn’t work for me needs to move on to the next person. I hope you choose this lifestyle also!  Therefore, I have no room in my closet for anything that may make me feel poorly about myself!

And finally, as far as wardrobe is concerned, cut out the tags. There is nothing more annoying that large tags on skimpy pieces of lingerie.  Therefore, be careful but do remove those tags/labels.


5.  Being Relaxed is Key for Best Lingerie Images

It will feel impossible, but this is the most important step in preparing for the perfect photo shoot! A good night’s sleep will go a long way in helping you relax and feel great about your adventure. Enjoy a relaxed, quiet evening. Give yourself plenty of time to get to the studio without stressing. Check weather and traffic reports to make sure you have allotted enough time for unexpected delays. By all means, we at Houston area Heights Boudoir are not clock-watchers. Most of all, we just want you to be as relaxed as you can be when you arrive for your boudoir photo shoot.  Importantly, when you arrive you will be pampered in the makeup chair!  Remind yourself that this is all about you!

In Conclusion…

Finally, go ahead! Give yourself the time of your life! Schedule a boudoir shoot to commemorate the times of your life!  Most importantly, have fun in the process and celebrate your sexy self shamelessly!  

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