Houston Heights Boudoir Retouching Policy

Retouching at Heights Boudoir is a part of the process!  You can rest assured that we know how to retouch the images created at your session.  Images are not given the heavy handed treatment at Heights Boudoir.  No one retouching your photographs will aim for plastic barbie doll skin.  We simply remove those unwanted blemishes, bruises, scratches that add nothing to your photographs.  An imperfection on your skin that would heal in a week or two?  Very likely, removed!

For more information, try this Guide to Preparing for a boudoir session.

Skin Softening Retouching

Skin softening is always necessary.  We expect that in Portraiture Retouching today.  Therefore, you can expect it too!  But the skin softening begins during the shoot with lighting to compliment. Cellulite is edited to varying degrees.  We all have cellulite on our bodies.  However, cellulite is not a flaw.  Mother nature designed cellulite as a storage system.  Even very thin models have cellulite to some degree.  Assuredly, no one wants to see it in their photographs.  

Sadly, due to our warped exposure to beauty in magazines and even on television, many women perceive that they cannot be beautiful.  At Heights Boudoir we want to prove to you that yes, you are beautiful!  But looking 20 is not it!  You can be beautiful at any age. Those lines give your face character, expression, and meaning.  A man’s photograph will emphasize these “character lines”.  Unfair, but true.  Thus, the goal of retouching is not to make you look like someone else or to make you look way younger.  Honestly, the goal of retouching, is to showcase how great you looked during your shoot!  

Lighting and posing are tools employed to enhance every part of your body at the boudoir photography session, including your skin.  Expression trumps posing mishaps any day!  Therefore, if a photo just needs a little tweaking to be perfect, I am going to go for it!  That’s not changing your body, just correcting some error in posing.  

Also, clothing needs a little retouching too!  Thus, if distracting, unwanted clothing labels can be removed.  

Managing Expectations of Retouching

Importantly, prior to your boudoir photography session, a dialogue should occur between you and the photographer regarding expectations.  Perhaps you desire to look 20 years younger or 20 pounds thinner.  However,  that may require additional editing  and may come at a premium.  Mostly, the whole experience may show you that you are sexy, beautiful, and need very little digital assistance to convey that in your photographs.  However, we can help in some instances!  A little exzema flare up?  Sure, that needs to be remedied.  Thus, we will find the right balance in your photographs.

In conclusion, retouching is definitely part of the process.  However, the best part of a boudoir photography shoot is that you are going to find out how beautiful you really are!  Go for it!  

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