Lets Talk Lipstick at Your Boudoir Session

Lipstick color is a big conversation around Heights Boudoir Photography Studio!  Clients having a favorite shade may want to build a boudoir session around that fabulous color!  Here’s what your lip color may mean in your boudoir photographs.

For more information on getting ready for your boudoir session, try this Guide to Preparing.  

Red Hot Red Lipstick

Red is our favorite color for boudoir photographs.  This color can evoke feelings of sexiness, passion, and desire.  Thus, this lipstick is very sexy and classic at the same time.  This choice of lip color definitely makes a statement.  However, if your lips are making a bold statement my make up artist and I have found that the eyes should be less bold.  If red lipstick is your desire, choose more neutral lingerie colors, nude or black work well.  If pairing with red lingerie, tones could make a big difference here and your lip color tone should match those hot red panties!

Neutral or Nude Lip Color

A neutral or nude color Lipstick will provide a color that you will never fear clashing with your lingerie!  Also, nude lip color works well if you desire your eyes to maintain the focus of your intimate portraiture.  Portraits often appear more balanced without competing elements seeking attention.  However, nude or neutral lip color can also look very natural.  This will work well for clients who desire a more natural, girl next door look.   Therefore, we always recommend at least some looks in a boudoir session utilize a neutral lip color.

Brightly Colored Lipstick

Brightly colored lipstick will translate into “bold” in photographs.  These bold colors can include bright pink, deep corals, sunshiny oranges!  These colors are very popular and can lend photographs to a more playful tone.  Notably, I find bright lipstick matched with similarly colored lingerie can look “too matchy, matchy”.  The eye does not know where to go in an image.  However, if you have a favorite, brightly colored lipstick, bring it!  A few fun shots is what it is all about!  

Rich Plum Toned Lip Color

Lipstick that is that rich, deep, luscious plum color work very well in boudoir photography for many women.  Although, this color should only be part of the story.  This lip color lends a very sultry look to portraits.  Plums can work on fair skinned as well as darker toned skin types.  Plum lipstick colors work well when paired with deep tones in lingerie.  However, these tones on the lips do not work well with pastel colored lingerie or lingerie that is overly frilly.  Plums are a sophisticated look.  Thus, lingerie that works well is classical, deeply toned, and means business!

In Conclusion…

Our motto while planning a boudoir session is “lets get a lot of looks”.  Therefore, do bring your arsenal of Lipstick Colors!  If utilizing the services of a make up artist, you will get awesome advice to match your skin tones and lingerie choices.   For more information regarding working with a make up artist read this blog.  And for caring for lips, we love the products at Lush USA in Highland Village.  

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