Curvy Women Rock Sexy Lingerie

At Houston’s Heights Boudoir, women of all shapes come in for boudoir photos in all types of Sexy Lingerie.  Curvy women Rock boudoir!  Prior to arriving, clients often ask for guidance in what outfits will look best.  The answer, however, is not one size fits all.  I truly believe all women are beautiful no matter the size!  Feel lucky to have those curves!  However, how we rock curves in photographs takes a bit of planning.  Check out this Guide to Preparing for all the lowdown on getting ready for a boudoir session.  

Fit is Fantastic!

First of all, the single most important factor in lingerie, it should fit well.  Surprisingly, few women have actually had a genuine bra fitting from a professional.  I highly recommend this.  Many years ago, prior to walking into Intimacy in the Galleria (no longer there), I wore a bra size 34 to 36.  I would often buy bras at major department stores, and I really thought this was my bra size.  I usually went for a C to a D cup.  Now I am Curvy and Busty.  Not an uncommon combination!  After reading about Intimacy in local papers, I thought I would go get a true fitting.  Guess what bra size I actually was?  Suspense…32F (which translates into 32DDD).  

I learned at my fitting that the around part of the bra should support 90 percent of your bust, the straps only 10 percent.  I was wrapped in a clingy black fabric in my original bra and again with a proper fitting bra.  My silhouette was remarkably improved.  The girls were up, separated, and looked great!


Lingerie should provide support, and the curvier you are the more you need to rely on the built in support of your lingerie.  Underwires, reinforced  materials, and wider straps will bring the additional support you need in your foundation items.   Importantly, at that Lingerie for Curvy womenlingerie store I mentioned above, my favorite bra by Primadonna actually has a side panel that prevents spillage around my underarm.   A proper fitting bra cured this problem.  However, I wasn’t even aware it was a problem until I had a proper fitting.  Thus, knowledge is empowering!  

Panties and Garters

A new retro vibe in lingerie is fantastic!  The panties are high waisted.  Stomachs tend to be an area women complain about, even slim ladies.  My very petite friend once commented when I was lamenting my more curvier features, “you know I may be small but my bits are proportionally the same – my rolls are there, they just are smaller, but look the same when I’m naked!”  Those high waisted panties can be very beautiful, have peekaboo features and keep everything contained.  An alternative is a high waisted garter belt that covers plenty and a tinier brief below.  Also, briefs with a lace top can create a smoother transition between skin and the material of the lower portion of the panty.  

Ooh La La Corsets and Bustiers

Corsets are oh so sexy!  And they look good on almost all body types.  For fuller figured women, the corset should cover your body from the bust and extend completely to the hips or even a bit below.  The corset will give the girls a nice lift, providing the needed Curvy Lingerie Ideassupport fuller figures require.  The body of the corset is smoothing and cinching giving an hourglass shape a bit of a boost.  Corsets have bone or steel reinforcement .  Therefore, the added stiffening accommodates cinching that waistline.  A good corset will last and last, they tend to be pretty expensive because of the solid construction and they work so well for women with curves! 

If selecting a bustier, be careful.  Bustiers are designed to sit above or at the waistline.  Bustiers give the girls a lift.  They have more give.  The material of a bustier is flexible.  Notably, they are a lot more comfortable to wear.  Sometimes it will have laces, but usually that’s for show.  They generally secure with hook and eye fasteners like your bra.  Also, there is a long bra style that is a version of a bustier that is very retro looking and very sexy.  However, bustiers do not cinch in your waistline.

Avoid Ruffles

Curvy women do not need the added weight of ruffles.  However, I know those ruffles can be playful!.  Ruffles can interfere with those fantastic curves we are photographing!  Babydoll shape to lingerie tends to add volume and hide those curves also.  However, if you love your babydoll, we can clip them to a form fitting shape during your session!  Importantly, posing can cure less than flattering lingerie.  However, how it photographs does not mean the item is not sexy as hell!


Many women have a plethora of black lingerie, and that’s fine.  However, nude, pink, and almost any other color work very well also.  We are all conditioned to think black is slimming, and judging by the quantity of black in my wardrobe I appear to concur!  However, its important to get a variety of looks and I would not just bring black.  If you love blue, go for it.  I do not think color matters that much.  Lace items do give softness and transitions from skin to the material of the lingerie and is very flattering.  Prints can be dating, and Curvy women do tend to avoid larger prints.  However, if you have a lovely, slinky robe that pairs well with your lingerie, do bring it to your boudoir shoot!

Especially relevant, lingerie is only part of what you wear during your boudoir photo shoot!  Importantly, your sexy bedroom eyes, and sultry smile are going to be the star in many of your photos!  Most noteworthy, they come in one size fits all!  

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