Lingerie Selection for Boudoir Photographs

Whether you’re a die-hard addict or a Lingerie novice, a Boudoir photo shoot is the perfect way to express your love of lingerie and pretend to be a lingerie model for a day.  However, if you want to read about all the components of getting ready for your boudoir session, try reading this Guide to Preparing

Lingerie Rules

I am often asked what is the sexiest Lingerie for a boudoir photo shoot? Here are my basic golden rules.

Boudoir photo with sexy lingerie and garterFirst Rule of Lingerie

A simple bra and panty set to a lacey strappy corset too complicated to put on without help! The number one rule should be to have variety. First, I would have you shop in your own closet. Not every item needs to be lingerie. Choose at least one bra and panty set. Be sure to try on items to make sure they have a proper fit before your session.

Second Rule of Lingerie

The Lingerie you select should make you feel good about yourself. The Lingerie should reflect your style and feel good on you. There is no right or wrong, although there are styles that will photograph better than others. That is why we have the first rule. Selecting Lingerie that reflects your personal style is the best way to assure you will feel comfortable in front of my lens. Not only that, if you shop for new Lingerie, if it feels good to you, you will be wearing it again, and again, and again!

Third Rule

Let it fit, let it fit, let it fit!

Lingerie Suggestions for your Boudoir Photo Shoot

Bra and Panty

boudoir picture sexy lingerieThe first items you will be on the look out for is a pretty bra and panty set. I would actually bring a light and dark toned set for variety during your boudoir shoot. You define the sexy in your selection. Is your style soft, feminine, lace, peek-a-boo, see through? My one suggestion is that if you are a B cup size or smaller, then a little lace around the top of the cup can photograph a little curvier. When assessing if that bra fits well, move in it, bend over, arch your back. Does movement cause gappage or create caverns of empty space? You do not want this in your boudoir photographs. Push up bras can cause gappage at times, so consider this when trying on bras.

If shopping for something new, the high waisted vintage look is very elegant and generally very flattering for many body types. Consider that style of panty to give your wardrobe a bit more variety!


A Corset is an undergarment designed to make your  waist look smaller. It is a tool that works with your body to shape an hourglass figure. The corset will reduce your waist to accentuate Houston Area Heights Boudoir Bridal Photographthat shape. Corsets are form fitting and generally sleevelss but are usually sturdier than bustiers. Corsets may lace up the back, front, or both with hook and eye closures to assist with removing. Some corsets will be underbust (cupless) and may be referred to as a waist cincher. Boning is generally present in a corset. . Spring steel boning provides a great deal of support to your torso but it also bends for comfort. Corsets are crafted from beautiful fabrics including satin, silk, and lace.  You may find your corset has little to no stretch and reinforced with a sturdy inner lining.


The bustier is form fitting, as the purpose of a bustier is to “boost” the chest. The bustier has the intended purpose of accentuate a women’s curves by pushing the breasts up and creating a more robust cleavage. To provide this shape bustiers often have cup shapes built in to define the bust. Bras of today are an evolution of the bustier.   You wear a bustiers as lingerie or clothing.  Likely determined by the material used to manufacture this item.   A bustier can be strapless but not always. Your bustier will likely be constructed of fabric with stretch built in. It will incorporate hooks or buttons to close.   Not designed to reduce your waist size, your bustier may incorporate boning to provide shape.  

One thing you may keep in mind while shopping for a bustier, if you have a bra size smaller then a C cup do consider a bustier that has built in cups. The bustiers without this feature can flatten your curves.  A delicious boudoir shoot is all about accentuating those curves!

Whether you choose either a corset or a bustier for your boudoir photo shoot you will be adding a beautiful piece of lingerie that will never go out of style.

Houston Area Heights Boudoir Bridal PhotographSomething of His

This can be his starched white or blue suit shirt and favorite tie.  If you love a sports fanatic, his favorite team jersey with matching panties may be a good choice.  Are you both golf lovers?  Maybe some sexy underwear and your driving tee and cleats?  

Great Accessories

High heels should be three inches or higher! Nude heels go with a number of outfit choices. Black heels are a staple. Try to avoid platform or wedges for your shoot.   Anything strappy, studded, or with bling is a must!

Jewelry can make a wonderfully, sexy statement. A strand of pearls, dangling earrings, or a special bracelet he gave you at your last anniversary.  Try to have fun while selecting jewelry!

A slinky robe can be a great accessory, giving your lingerie a different look. Having the belt to hold onto during the shoot will give your hands something to do.

A loose sweater can make a knock out look to go with your panties too!

Garter belt with stockings or just thigh high hose can be a sexy addition to your wardrobe for variety and take up oh so little room in you bag of tricks.  

Please consider continuity in your wardrobe selection to assure all those fabulous images work well together in addition to providing the variety you are going to want from you sexy boudoir photography session!  Check out this blog if you would like to read about the sexiest item needed for your boudoir session

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