Lingerie Selection for Slim Women

Once a woman has made the decision to book a boudoir session, loads of questions need to be answered!  A very commonly asked question is “what shall I wear?”  Believe me, there is no one size fits all answer to this question.  Slim body types have unique issues when selecting lingerie.  However, for a comprehensive guide to getting ready for a boudoir session, try this Guide to Preparing.  

The challenge with Slim figures is creating the impression of curves and selecting lingerie that works with that goal in mind.

Extra Fabric

Slim body types will embrace lingerie that incorporates a little extra fabric to create volume.  A bit of ruffle or frilly lace along the chest will add the illusion of volume making the breasts appear larger without adding padding.  The additional fluff along the panties will create balance, so volume should be included in tops and bottoms!

Push Up Bras

Push Up bras work on almost every single type of body.  Especially true for Slim figures.  Therefore, if the girls are on the small side, work with what you have!  Sometimes, just pushing the girls up will create the illusion of much larger breasts.  Try on many different styles of push up bras before committing to one particular bra style.  While in the dressing room, bend, twist, and arch to evaluate how the lingerie will rest on your body.  I hate to suggest it, but if you could lay down in the dressing room to assure yourself that the bra will contain the girls without creating “gappage” between the front upper bra cup and your breast.  Gappage can ruin a beautiful photograph, and it is not an easy photoshop fix!


Look for lingerie that will work with your body to create the illusion of curves.  The illusion of curves can be created!  Curvaceous detailing will accentuate your slim body and assist with the illusion of an hourglass shape.  A darker shade on the sides and along the waist while a lighter color in the middle will emphasize the curve of your waist or the curve of your hips.  Black trim along the top of your bra with a lighter color over your breast will accentuate the curves of your breasts.  Need I say more about the curve of your derriere?  

Waist Cinchers or Bustier

A nice accent for different looks with your lingerie, and a little added coverage.  A waist cincher does not cover your bust, but it can help create an hourglass shape.   Alternatively, the bustier does cover the bust and gives the girls a bit of a boost.  While not cinching, the bustier will help with creating a trim waist.   Also, a bit of frill at the bottom edge will add the illusion of fullness on the lower part of your body.   

What to avoid

For slimmer gals, avoid loose fitting clothing.  I know a sports jersey can be sexy, but the lingerie beneath will have to do its work to create shape to your bottom.  A white or blue men’s dress shirt is a wonderful accent, but the lingerie beneath will be showcased and the shirt or shirt and tie will be more of a prop than an adornment.  This is worked out with posing and lighting!  

Please avoid any clothing that does not fit you like a glove!  Fit is the number one rule for all lingerie!  Padded bras pose certain challenges with posing.  While trying on in the dressing room, do your best to view your bra from every angle in as many positions as you can muster before committing!  Notably, the staff may think you are a bit odd, but purchasing a good bra that you will actually use and will make your body sing in photographs will well be worth the moniker!  

For all bra questions, my go to resource is Linda.  She has a bra size calculator on her website that will clearly explain how to measure yourself.  I have been to many a reputable lingerie store and have had saleswomen try to sell me an ill-fitting bra just to make a sale.  Do not allow this to happen!   You can meet Linda here

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