The Makeup Artist Experience

Professional Makeup and Hair services can be added to your  boudoir photography session.  Upon booking your shoot, the studio can schedule a professional MUA (makeup artist)  to meet you here at your session.  Your stylist will be prepared to create the perfect look for you.  Your MUA will also discuss makeup colors and styles based on your final outfit selections.  Hair is plumped, curled, but in a sexy uninhibited manner.  Hair is beachy style, if you desire a style that requires a professional stylist, please arrived coiffed!  However, go here for a complete Guide to Preparing.  

Other Experiences

The professional stylist is a great  part of the boudoir photography experience.  However, makeup can come with a variety of options!  I agree that great Makeup can make or break your sexy photography session, but it’s complicated!  The MUA who come to Heights Boudoir do a great job, but if you would rather get a friend to put your make up on, by all means, do it!  Brides often work with a MUA and get a free trial run.  Many women have a great relationship with personnel at the Mac Counter.  

Makeup for some women is a foreign concept.  Therefore, if that layer of Makeup is going to make you feel uncomfortable, skip it!  I’m serious.  Those are your images, and the most important thing is that they reflect you, your style!  

If you have your own Makeup/Hair artist

If you have your own stylist for Hair and or makeup, do not worry!  We will be ready for you when you arrive!  

How to prepare for your Makeup and Hair Artist?

Nice clean product free hair and no makeup please! Your skin should be squeaky clean, with just your moisturizer applied.  The Makeup artist needs a nice clean pallet. If you elect not to use the MUA at Heights Boudoir, then whoever is providing this service will also need you to be squeaky clean.

This is not the time to get a new haircut you may or may not love. Nor is it the time to try a new color!  If you want a trim, get it at least a week prior to your scheduled boudoir session.  

A boudoir session should be all about you!  Don’t let the fact that you hate anything on your skin, or that you are so sensitive to products the thought stops you from scheduling your appointment today!   I have photographed women with just a touch of gloss, mascara, and blush and produced beautiful, sexy images that they cherished.

In The End…

While a beautiful face and lingerie are so very important, read about the number one item to bring to your boudoir session for the very hottest photographs!

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