Maternity Boudoir Photography

Maternity Boudoir shoots can be so much fun, and this shoot with Ms. Kelli was no exception!  Kelli arrived at the studio on a day that promised to be pretty dreary!  Not a good weather day to be outside that’s for sure!  However, it was a great day in the studio taking boudoir images of a beautiful expectant mother!

Lucky for me, Kelli came with her young four year old son also in tow, but even at 37 weeks, she was able to keep an eagle eye on him and pose for the camera!  In fact, she even let me share an image of her young son as he wanted to get in on the action!  

Maternity Boudoir Customer Needs

Mothers-to-be have so much on there plate.  Bodies that need a little extra rest, nutrition, and care in preparation of giving birth.  I really wanted to move quickly for Kelli!  

We managed to get a lot of great shots in about 90 minutes of shooting.  We scheduled a couple of breaks to entertain the little guy and give Kelli a chance to have a snack and sip on some herbal tea.  Also, we started with standing shots while a little more energetic, then moved to laying down poses, then seated poses.  The seated poses were saved for last to create opportunities to include the brother-to-be!  I was sure to be extra vigilant inquiring after her physical condition.  If I asked for a stretch or an arch, I also observed for signs of discomfort.  Kelli’s comfort was always the most important consideration during this shoot.

When to Shoot Maternity Boudoir

When to schedule the maternity shoot may be the 64,000 dollar question!  Generally, Mother-to-be should schedule her shoot between seven and eight months of pregnancy.  Physically, the bump should extend past the breast if possible.  Kelli called to schedule her shoot at nearly seven months pregnant.  Her bump was still not that big.  We chose to wait another month, then another week!  Both of us were a little nervous that her baby might elect to show a little early.  Every bump, like every Mother, will vary.  Thus, please be flexible!

Why Maternity Boudoir

I love to chronicle all women through all their beautiful stages!  Women in transition, the whole evolution of womanhood as we pass through our many changes.  Kelli expressed, “I don’t have any great pictures of carrying Ethyn.   It was such a special time for me.  I want to have beautiful photographs to help me remember.  Not only did I feel special on the inside, but I looked pretty darned special on the outside!” 

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