Where Have All the Good Men Gone?

At Heights Boudoir we will occasionally get a request from clients.  The request is usually about Men.  “Can my husband accompany me during my Houston boudoir experience?”  That’s right!  They would like their honey present when being photographed in sexy poses in even sexier lingerie.  Imagine that!  

I can certainly understand how it seems like a natural desire to have your significant other present.  However, in my humble opinion on the matter, it is almost never a good idea!

For more information on getting ready for a boudoir session, try this Guide to Preparing.  

When Men are Present

Although I have only experienced this on two occasions, I did not find it helpful.  The ladies seemed to be performing for their Men.  The ladies looked to their gentlemen for feedback, wanting to know if a pose looked sexy to them.  Ultimately, the boudoir photography experience is really about the person being photographed.  Not only will you go away with beautiful images of you, but the experience is yours to stay with you whether you buy an image or not.  Therefore, thanks for thinking of him/her, but your s/o is not a beneficial addition to your session.  

The Real Story

The comings and goings in the studio is not particularly glamorous!  The windows are often not windows at all but screens with a light behind them.  That’s not real brick, sorry to say!  Those poses in boudoir photography – not really comfortable.  They feel awkward, seem unnatural, and getting into them is not easy.  You will feel self-conscious!  Hopefully, you will be comfortable enough (you are among friends, women who believe in you) to be okay with feeling that way here!  While the preparation is relaxing – getting your make up and hair done, drinking champagne or mimosas, having someone else hang up your outfits going through your changes, the shoot is NOT.  It’s fun, but it’s also work.  Many women feel a bit sore the next day.  Arching is not that easy!  Hence, leave the distraction behind! 

Who’s on First

Nothing against conscientious observers!  However, sometimes an observer can become a back seat driver!  The observer may attempt to direct you – and that would be very confusing for both of us!  This confusion could add tension to your posing and split your concentration.  Honestly, I will be focusing on you 100 percent, if I need him to shut up, I’m going to tell him that!  I know, I know…it is not my most endearing quality.  


Anticipation is one of the best parts of a boudoir photography session.  Even if your honey knows you are planning to give him some awesome images of you in your lingerie, he deserves a little anticipation too!  Therefore, be photographed in some lingerie he has never seen.  Let him wonder what it’s like for you – who knows what he’s thinking!  Maybe he’s envisioning something way more risqué than the reality.  Especially relevant, that thought is okay!  Men will be visual, even if that vision is in their imaginations!

Our Policy

As a result, our policy at Heights Boudoir, NO SIGNIFICANT OTHERS ALLOWED.  The exception?  There is one – and that is if he is being photographed in a couples boudoir session.  Then we will let them come!  

If he just really needs to be present, or you just really need to have your significant other present – I would have to refer you to our policy.  Otherwise, if he really wants to be present, tell him to pack some pretty underwear!  Check out some poses here!

Also, while I don’t have a NO BFF policy, you can read my thoughts on that matter here.  

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