Modest Options for the More Reserved

Women seeking boudoir photography have varying degrees of comfort with the amount of skin exposed.  Modest women are reluctant to expose it all!  Other women have no problem with letting everything show!  In fact, while we do not provide explicit photography at Heights Boudoir, we do love suggestive photography!  However, even a Modest woman has a lot of options when it comes to being sexy in portraits!  Sometimes, I’m just saying, very little skin can be very hot!

For more information on preparing for a boudoir session, try this Guide to Preparing.  

Retro Lingerie

I love these!  Modest yet sexy!  The bra and briefs in retro lingerie covers way more than almost any bathing suit!  The retro lingerie now is super comfortable, often lacy, and oh so very feminine.  Check out these super sexy high waisted panties from Freepeople Freepeople Panties

Sexy Dress

While seen more with glamour photography, dresses can provide a very modest look for boudoir photography.  You can decide exactly how much you are comfortable with exposing.  A snug fitting dress with high heels with a hint of cleavage is super sexy!  Some clients start out with a sexy dress, but after a few shots, they will loosen up and be more comfortable with baring a little more skin.  A nice transition is…

The White Business Shirt

This can be worn with or without lingerie!  Modest, and yet very tasteful!  The White Business Shirt provides lots of coverage, but pulled back just enough to show the curve of your breast, or the top of a pretty lace bra.  These shots work with and without a tie!  Also, these shots tend to look terrific in full color, a little desaturated for an old fashioned look, and dramatic in black and white.  Notwithstanding, that white shirt not only looks terrific on – it looks good off as a prop, gently hanging over the shoulder or being dragged from behind.  I love when a wardrobe item becomes a prop!  It can really tell a story!

Team Jersey

These shots can be a lot of fun, especially if your loved one is a sports fanatic!  Modest women can cover a lot of skin with a team jersey, showing the curve of a bottom and a mile of legs!  But don’t just think team jerseys here!  If your beloved is an avid hunter, throw on some camo!  Maybe his hunting vest and his favorite deer rifle!  Is he a fisherman?  Try on some waders and a fishing hat with your retro lingerie!  A golfer?  Well, you get the idea – panties and a golf shirt with argyle socks, golf shoes, and a driver!  Let your imagination flow!  

Cover Up

Modest but imaginative?  Try a sweater, or a soft, sexy robe, shrug, or summer cover up.  A loosely knitted sweater can provide just enough “peek-a-boo” to give your photographs a very modest sexiness!  Sometimes the thought of seeing more is actually just as sexy (and to some, mores) than the full reveal!  Cover ups should be solid colored, reflect your style, and again, do not be surprised if you start with that cover up, but finish naked with just a white sheet strategically placed!

The White Sheet

With or without your lingerie, the white sheet is very modest.  Strategically placed to cover a good portion of flesh and all the “bits” but revealing just enough to tell your sexy story!

Don’t let a little bit of modesty prevent you from booking your boudoir photography session!  You are going to rock this!  Also, check out this blog for more ideas on lingerie for your boudoir session


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