Houston Boudoir Outfit Ideas: Classy Look in Boudoir

The Classy Look in Boudoir Ideas are a lot of fun to dream up!   However, you must determine the overall look you would like to achieve.  Therefore, knowing your “look” will help you with outfit selection for your boudoir session.   Every boudoir photography session is unique.  Each boudoir client brings her personality, ego, alter ego, and imagination to the boudoir session. 

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What you will need to pull off the Classy Look in Boudoir

The Classy Look in boudoir Ideas come in all varieties.  The Classy Look in Boudoir is a very traditional style that can suit many different women.  Notably, many women have most of these items in their closets already.   However, even if it takes some shopping to get these items, it may be the style you have always imagined you could be!  Therefore, let your imagination run wild!  Here’s a fast read on rocking a white shirt during your boudoir session!

Houston Boudoir Outfit Ideas Classy Look!

Houston Boudoir Outfits Classy Look with a man’s white button down

White Button Down

A white button down is one of my favorite items at a boudoir session.  Houston Boudoir Outfit Ideas almost always include this look.  However, while stilettos are going to be mentioned in a few sections down, not needed for the white button down!  This is a classy look in boudoir that pairs will with other items you will bring to your session.  In fact, I love to shoot this with and without a bra!  I prefer the without!

Also, when it comes to Houston Boudoir Outfit Ideas, let’s not get caught in the details!  Therefore, if your darling always wears a light blue button down, bring it.  However much I love the classic white, this album is about you!  Those blue shirts, maroon shirts, purple shirts always look smoking hot too! 

Lacy Bra and Panty Set

Houston Boudoir Photography Outfits will include a couple varieties of panties.  However, you will want a classy lacy bra and panty set of light and dark tone for variety.  Your dark lacy bra and panty set will probably represent the most classy!  However, I would encourage not a lot of embellishments on your “classy” lingerie.  No glitter, big bows, or large cut outs on the back of the panties.  However, save those for another look!  We will probably go for more than one!


Stockings should be included in at least one look if you have the legs for them!  However, stockings can make shorter legs look even shorter, sorry to say!  Naturally, if you bring stockings, don’t forget the garter!  For the classy look the garter is not the focus of the images.  However, when we get to the Victoria Secret Angel looks, the garters will be front and center!

Houston Boudoir Outfit Ideas - A Classy Look

Houston Boudoir Outfits – The Classy Look could include some black stockings

Take a look at Ms. C – she rocked her stockings in a very classic, very classy boudoir look!



Your Houston Boudoir Outfit Ideas must include one look with that super high heel!  However, I sincerely hope you can find these shoes in your closet.  Although I think the higher heel the better, I am not that fond of the shoes that have a platform in the front.  The classic pump is just the shoe for me!  So, if you just have a 3 inch pump, bring it!  

I would like to mention at this point, take a moment and clean your shoes if they require it!  If it is time to replace those often worn black pumps, well, what are you waiting for!  A boudoir session is the perfect time to update your wardrobe!


Houston Boudoir Photography Outfits:  Classy Look in Boudoir

Of all the outfits that are included in your boudoir session, this is a lovely, classy, look that you will be proud of for years to come!  Also, this look works well on women from 21 to 71!  However, Houston Boudoir Outfit Ideas must reflect your own personal style!  

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