Houston Boudoir Photo Accessories Include His Shirt

Houston Boudoir Photo Accessories Include His Shirt for smoking hot images!  Also, his favorite tie is a nice accessory with or without that white button up!

Wear His Shirt Without Looking Like a Man

This will depend on which of his shirts you are planning to be photographed wearing!  Houston Boudoir Photo Accessories Include His Shirt but it may be a button up or a team shirt!  Therefore, how you wear it will vary.

White Button Up

When you bring his shirt, we will style it in a couple of ways!  Go ahead and try his shirt on to make sure it fits just right!  His Shirt should just cover your bum.  However, if he’s a really tall guy, and the shirt goes to your knees, well, we may need to select a more appropriate shirt.  

Another thing to consider, can you hold the shirt (unbuttoned) over your breasts while it is off your shoulders?  I would try this pose with his button up.  Houston Boudoir Photo Accessories Include His Shirt but sometimes we have to go to extra lengths to make his clothing be the perfect accessory for your boudoir session!  

His Team Shirt/College Shirt

His college team jersey from his football days is smoking hot!  However, it could be more like a night shirt!  Bring it, though, if it is particularly meaningful!  If it swims on you, we can hike it up, tie it up, pin it up, or whatever works!  We will do what we can to make sure that shirt hugs your curves and exposes just enough of your panties and a significant amount of leg!  

A Special Shirt

Houston Boudoir Photo Accessories Include His Shirt can be any shirt that has meaning!  This could be the shirt he was wearing when he proposed.  However, it can also be the shirt he plans to walk down the aisle wearing.  Therefore, you be the judge of what constitutes special!  

Make That Shirt Pop

Please make that shirt be as crease/wrinkle free as possible.  Of course, if you are blessed with the absent minded professor who never irons, well, those wrinkles can tell their own story!  We should keep it real!  However, if he has all his dress shirts starched and pressed with razor sharp creases, we need to have his style equally represented!  

Pair that shirt with the panties from one of your looks at your boudoir session.  A white shirt is an easy pairing.  However, if you have a team shirt, you may need to bring a matching pair of sexy undies to wear!

Houston Heights Boudoir Button Down Dress Shirt Houston Boudoir Photo Accessories Include His Shirt

Houston Heights Boudoir Button Down Dress Shirt can provide playful or somber looks in boudoir images

In Conclusion…

Are you considering a boudoir photo shoot?  Please don’t forget his shirt!  Try this quick read on how to obtain different looks at a boudoir session.  Also, don’t miss this guide on preparing for a boudoir session!

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