Houston Boudoir Photographer Answers Five Embarrassing Questions

This Houston Boudoir Photographer Answers your most embarrassing boudoir questions.  Those questions are part of the normal day to day business of being a boudoir photographer.  However, clients can feel a bit awkward about asking some intimate questions.

Yes, a boudoir session is fun, empowering, and may very well get you in touch with your sexy side!  Therefore, to avoid some of the awkwardness, this Houston Boudoir Photographer Answers Embarrassing Questions that frequently crop up for clients.  However, do not hesitate to ask if you have a question that is not covered here.

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Houston Boudoir Photographer Answers

Houston Boudoir Photographer Answers Embarrassing Questions Clients sometimes ask

Houston Boudoir Photographer Answers Embarrassing Question No. 1:  What happens if I get my period?

You will definitely still be able to have your session.  Your period will not interfere with your boudoir session.  However, please utilize a tampon or other internal device.  You will not want to have a sanitary napkin on during your session.  Notably, you may be in some awkward positions.  

Your menses is a normal part of being a very sexy woman.  However, you know your body!  If you just happen to have a very heavy, painful day during your cycle and do not feel you can enjoy your session, do reschedule if your calendar allows!  

Houston Boudoir Photographer Answers Embarrassing Question No. 2:  How much grooming do women generally do?

The answer to this question is completely up to you!  This is your personal choice and the answer will be different from woman to woman.  There seems to be a lot of young women who are always bare, or will be bare for their session.  However, some women will leave a “landing strip”.  Notably, some will go completely au natural.  

If you have skimpy lingerie, definitely try them on and see if you have some unwanted hairs popping out.  To be safe, do some posing at home – including stretches, arches, and few deep knee bends to make sure everything stays contained.  Importantly, I am not going to judge you – this is your body!  

Importantly, though, if you elect not to groom – please do not expect your bikini overage to be photoshopped away!  While a stray hair here and there is one thing, I do not body morph anyone!  If you like it au natural – that’s what you are going to get!  

Houston Boudoir Photographer Answers Embarrassing Question No. 3:  Can you make my “fill in body part” more attractive?

Sure I can!  But I’m not going to. Prior to your boudoir session, you and I will discuss what you love about your body!  During that conversation, you are going to tell me what you are less than in love with!  

I am going to endeavor to make you look your sexiest best through posing, lighting, and wardrobe selection.  However, I need you to be a part of this process.  If you hate your abdomen, don’t bring just bra and panty sets.  Include his white shirt, a robe or wrap to help with posing.  A garter belt will give your abdomen extra coverage, as will those hot vintage panties!  

Houston Boudoir Photographer Answers Embarrassing Question No. 4:  I have a little fettish…is that okay?

You will not be judged at Heights Boudoir.  We want to celebrate your sexy!  Your way!  So if you love feathery shoes with stiletto heels, bring ’em on!  A whip, leather mask, and few strategically placed chains or ropes?  Bring ’em.  We will do it your way!  However, if you are looking for explicit sexually graphic images, you should probably look elsewhere.  It’s not my comfort zone.  However, some dark, sexy, suggestive images are definitely in my wheelhouse.  

Houston Boudoir Photographer Answers Embarrassing Question No. 5:  Do I have to get completely naked?

No, never.  Unless you just want to.  I am totally comfortable with you bearing it all, however, not in a sexually explicit way.  Boudoir images can feature nudity without being explicit.  Notably, it is totally up to you.  Implied nudity, such as the white sheet session, is very sexy.  Posing with the bits just covered strategically is a wonderful way of celebrating your sexy self without exposing yourself in a vulnerable way.  

Houston Boudoir Photographer Answers

Houston Boudoir Photographer Answers Embarrassing Questions


Do you have an embarrassing question?  Go ahead, ask away!  When it comes to boudoir photography, we need to be able to address our fears and concerns.  Although boudoir can be very empowering for a woman, a little guidance will help you get your sexy on!  Therefore, please do not hesitate to reach out!  However, each woman is unique – some answers we may find together as we make this journey.  Go ahead – Celebrate your sexy self – shamelessly!

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Celebrate your sexy self – shamelessly!


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