Houston Boudoir Photographer on Getting Naked!

Are you considering Sexy Boudoir?

By all means, sexy boudoir images are a wonderful gift for your significant other!  In fact, those same images are a wonderful gift to give yourself.  Like a nice purse, or a great pair of boots, boudoir images are a wonderful way of letting yourself know you got the goods!  But Naked images?

Here’s a fast read on implied nudity in boudoir images for more information.

Many women ask, do I have to get naked?  However, I interpret this to actually mean, “Will I be just as sexy if I choose not to be photographed naked.”

Interested in some sexy images of yourself in lingerie?  Here’s some ideas when it is a good time celebrate with sexy pics!

To Nude or Not to Nude

The most important consideration about being photographed naked, is that you feel comfortable.  At my studio in Houston, Heights Boudoir, I never pressure anyone to get completely naked.  As I go through the lingerie, and we plan our sets together, I will ask if my client was considering revealing her bottom, nipples, implied nudity, etc.

This is totally up to my client.  I prefer to have a few implied nude images to share with my client.  I have noticed that the completely naked images or completely topless images just do not receive the warm welcome that the implied naked images receive.  Therefore, I have to agree with my clients, implied nudity is way sexier than actual nudity!

Artistic Nudes vs Explicit Images

Recently, I had a model photography session with a nude model.  A photographer will use a session like this to explore lighting on the human form without the distraction of clothing.  These sessions are wonderful learning opportunities in lighting.  Sometimes, the envelope gets pushed a bit during these sessions where more is revealed in a way that makes me a bit uncomfortable.

Houston Boudoir Photography with Naked Bridal

I find explicit images just a bit unnerving, and not in a nice way.  While going through images, I trust my instincts about what is beautiful and what is explicit.  I cannot really say where the line exists, but I know when I have crossed over it.  My husband is a very gifted photographer and the lighting expert around here.  However, over the years, I have found his line is in a different place…and that’s okay.

Everyone who comes to the studio for a boudoir session has a line drawn in a different place.  Some will be comfortable in their lingerie, but only if they have a wrap or a loose sweater.  I love those images!  However, another woman will not mind getting naked, but will prefer a strategically placed sheet, or a limb bent to cover the bits that are private.  For me, I am very comfortable in this territory.  However, if a client has more explicit poses in mind, I feel that just like my clients, I may need to be able to move out of my comfort zone!

Push Your Comfort Zone but Stay on Your Side of the Line

So that’s where I have decided to be.  I stay on my side of the line, and am very clear about what I am comfortable photographing.  However, if asked, I will push outside of my comfort zone a bit…but believe me, I will stay on my side of the line!  Notably, that is what I want for my clients.  A boudoir session is often a step outside of your comfort zone…but very much, you will never be coerced to step over your side of the line!

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Celebrate your sexy self – shamelessly!

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