Baby It May be Cold Outside But Lets Get Warm on the Inside

Yes, finally, in Houston the weather has turned a bit Cold!  However, let’s keep you warm on the inside and out!  Therefore, learn a few ways to turn the temperature up at your house!

Hot oil massage

Houston Boudoir Photographer Wants You to Avoid the Cold


Heat things up at your house by giving one another a nice hot oil massage.  Take your favorite hot oil and warm it a bit in your candle warmer, or pop it in the microwave for just a few seconds.  Notably, after a few minutes of the hot oil treatment, things will start heating up in multiple ways!

Hot bath anyone?

Turn the hot tub on or just fill  your bathtub for you and your honey.  A nice glass of wine or his favorite beer will make it a very relaxing and warm way to pass the evening.  Most of all, be sure to use your favorite bath bubbles!  However, nothing to sweet smelling for him!


Hot and Spicy

Houston Boudoir Photographer Wants You to Avoid the Cold

Go ahead and order in some hot and spicy dinner for both of you!  Nothing like warming yourself from the inside out.  Call your favorite delivery restaurant, throw some jalapeños on that pepperoni pizza, or try some spicy new style restaurant…all in the comfort of your pajamas.  All that time you saved in the kitchen and driving around looking for a parking spot…well, you and your honey can spend it a little more productively.  

Hey, I’m talking Netflix here!  What did you think I meant!


Get Moving!

Cold outside and its Saturday Night?  Go burn up some heat!  Try a date that’s a bit more active than usual.  Try one of those indoor rock climbing places!  Golf your game?  Try one of those indoor golfing ranges.  Need to catch up on Christmas shopping?  Go to the mall and do a marathon shopping event!   However, once you have completed the last person on the list, reward yourselves with a romantic visit to your favorite pub on the way home!

Heat Your Seats!

Houston Boudoir Photographer Wants You to Avoid the Cold

If moving too much doesn’t sound like your speed, try going for a drive!  Warm up the car, turn on the seat warmers, pack a thermos of hot chocolate, and drive around to enjoy the Christmas lights in your neighborhood.  Notably, Houston has lots of pocket neighborhoods that really do Christmas in a big way, venture a little out of your zone and go and enjoy those!  Check out this site for a few locations of Christmas Lights around Houston!

Look folks, we live in Houston!  It may be warm as Hades next week.  Therefore, lets enjoy this cold weather while we have it!  Also, if you are considering a boudoir session, it’s toasty up in the studio!  Don’t worry, no goosebumps in those hot, hot pictures you want to give him!  

Celebrate your sexy self – shamelessly!

Heights Boudoir Photographer Jan WatsonHi!  If you would like additional information like a pricing guide, our handy guide to preparing for a boudoir session, or just some information if a boudoir session might be right for you, drop me a line!  I’d love to hear from you!  Naturally, there is absolutely no obligation!  Hey Jan, I’d like some information . . .