Are you looking for a new Fitness Center?

I occasionally feel inspired to start a workout routine and look for a Fitness Center.  Eyeing a sexy mermaid cut wedding dress?   An excellent time to pose this question.  Just spent a month or two gorging on some yummy holiday cookies?  Could be time. Bikini season fast approaching?  You got it!  Could be time to think about working out!

So, how do you select, in todays day an age, the perfect gym for you? Not being a gym person at all, but having spent way more in monthly fees than I ever got out of it, I have to ask myself a few questions now before making a long term commitment.

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Consider Location

If you spend a lot of time near home, I think the location should be close to your residence. I did, however, join a gym close to my job and really enjoyed it. Although the gym I joined had many facilities, having a location near my job really worked for me.  I was unable to leave the territory before quitting time, but had an hour to kill.  A gym nearby was the perfect get away for me. Not only did I fit in a workout before heading on my commute home, but I learned to adore the sauna during this time! I would get in my car and be so relaxed! I think for most folks, though, stopping at the gym on your way home would be a terrific transition to the day

Tour when you would be visiting

Whatever type of gym you are considering, tour the facility at the time you would be attending. Take note if there is a long line waiting for the equipment you would be using.  You may wish to really consider if this is the fitness center for you.  If you are frequently frustrated, you will be deterred from going to the gym.

Multiple Locations

If you travel, or could go to a gym during a long lunch or after work, a gym with multiple locations could be the ticket for you. Don’t let the demands of your job deter you from working out. Give yourself ample opportunity to go to your gym. It may not be your home location, but the culture should not vary too much.

Cleanliness Counts

Gyms are really filthy places! Before joining, do look that your gym is cleaned thoroughly. While a facility should be cleaned by a professional team each day, the employees should be seen wiping equipment down. Even members should be encouraged to wipe the equipment down that they have used. The disinfectant and papertowels should be apparent and positioned in locations that would encourage members to use.


My nursing background compels me to include this device at your gym.  Potential clients please verify that an AED is available. An automated external defibrillator is a life saver should you have a cardiac event. I have been a nurse for much of my adult life, and my exhusband saw more people have heart attacks because he was a habitual attendee at a gym. The device should be in a prominent location at the gym and staff should be trained on how to use it!


Finally, find the gym that matches the culture that speaks to you. Some people just want to be on their own when they work out. They don’t want trainers, they don’t want to talk to people, they just want to do their routine and get in the zone and GO! Another person needs to interact, make friends, become a part of the local action. A friend got involved with a crossfit group in a big way.  Consequently, the other members became her family. She moved to Houston, away from family and friends, and joined a gym on a lark. She met her future husband there, made friends there, and she told me that they were a very tight group. They socialized together, and when she had a baby, it was her Crossfit group that supported her through her pregnancy and after.


Houston Facilities

Washington Gym

At Washington Gym in Houston they report that they “get people lean, fit, flexible and strong the right way and have results to prove it. We’re not a bootcamp, Crossfit gym, group exercise class (think YMCA, 24 Hour, Barre, Spin) or like any other gym program and never will be. We’re doing things the way it’s supposed to be for all skill levels.”

Washington Gym focuses on fat loss and muscle gain. They offer dynamic workouts in a group enviornment. They offer specific nutritional guidance. Also, they administer proper bodyfat analysis. They take photos front, side and back to monitor progress.  Clients will find their workouts scaled to their ability.  Trainers stress postural corectness. If you need to get additional expertise they know when to refer you to another professional (think physical therapy, chiropractors, massage therapist). They will work with you if you are rehabing an injury.  If traveling, they will make workout recommendations.

Finally, at Washington Gym they will not only train you but they will educate you. Not only will you learn what to do, but you will learn why you do it!

Other well rated gyms in this area include Studio Fitness and TheGym.

Citizen Pilates Studio

This type of work out is all about slow movements that tone muscles. Clients at Citizen Pilates  focus on building core strength.   The classes are generally offered in a group enviornment, which can be very intimidating for a beginner. Reformer Pilates classes utilize machines with pulleys. At Citizen Pilates they welcome people of all levels of expertise and a complete lack of expertise!

New clients have no need to feel intimidated as instructors at Citizen Pilates promises to meet you at your level. The owner wanted to create an enviornment where everyone would feel comfortable. The classes at Citizen Pilates fill up fast and sometimes there is a wait list, but the owner has created a convenient downloadable app.  Note, clients have found this class to be very popular!  Therefore, the owner has added an new location.

Additionally, well rated pilates studios in the Houston Heights general area include Body Rock Pilates and Defy Pilates.

CrossFit H-Town

Crossfit is the new rage in work outs!  Nationally, clients rank CrossFitH-Town as one of the top gyms in the country. Also, clients report that H-town offers a high intensity interval training style class that is a lot of fun. Classes provide individualzed training to optimize your personal results.

At Crossfit H-Town the professionals realize that everyone who walks in the doors is at a different level of fitness. They customize workouts to meet their clients’ needs, goals and objectives.

Clients discover that Crossfit H-Town is the antithesis of the big box gym.  Devoted trainers will assist you in reaching your fitness goals.  Importantly, the owners have walked the walk, and have experienced the increased fitness, energy, and trim waistlines that their workout offers.

Other crossfit facilities in the area include Crossfit Roughnecks and Imperial Crossfit.  

Joy Yoga

At Joy Yoga diversity is the message. Yoga classes range from less intensive designed to be gentle and restorative to a more intense get your heart pumping yoga workout.  The facility employs yoga instructors with a wide array of backgrounds.  Thus, clients’ needs are able to be customized.  Customers will find yoga rooms maintained at a comfortable temperature.  The studio offers 13 different styles of yoga.

In addition. other well rated yoga studios in the Houston Heights area include Big Power Yoga, Your Body Center, and Black Swan Yoga.

Therefore, whatever your physical fitness needs, keep searching.  Houston has you covered no matter why you want to get in shape!  A wide variety of facilities are available to take advantage. Also, if you find you are not utilizing the gym you are a member of now, don’t give up! Keep at it!  Furthermore, the perfect Fitness Center may be the next one you walk into!

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