Houston Boudoir Photographer Says “You Got This!”

This Houston Boudoir Photographer knows a thing or two about bucket list items!  I have done my share of ticking items off, and as I get older, sometimes at a furious pace!  Having boudoir images taken is one of those items for many women who just seem to have no end of reasons for putting this bucket list item off!

Below are the most common reasons I hear to defer boudoir images.  And that’s after reaching out to talk about scheduling a session!  I equate that to walking through the Louis Vuitton store and touching the bags, talking with the sales clerk, and walking out empty handed.  You know you wanted one!

These reasons are pretty flimsy…you got this!


Excuse #5

“I can’t spend money on myself!”

Not only am I a Houston Boudoir Photographer, but also a wife, mother, grandmother, sister, and friend.  For me, I understand this excuse, have denied myself over the years because of this feeling.  However, I know this for a fact, you are worth this.  Your partner, children, sisters, and friends will agree, you need to do this if you have thought about doing a boudoir session.  

A boudoir session can be about celebrating a special time in your life.  This could be marriage, anniversary, weight loss, exercise, breast augmentation, a return to dating after a nasty divorce – whatever.  Capturing you in a sexy light is an affirming process that helps with seeing yourself in a positive, life affirming manner.  You got this!

Excuse #4

 “I don’t  own any sexy lingerie!”

I know I’ve mentioned this numerous times…no sexy lingerie is really needed!  You will be sexy as hell in your bikini panties and a soft sweater casually falling off one shoulder.  Wrapped in a white sheet with nothing on, apparently, will knock his socks off!  His button down shirt, or favorite team shirt, will be very sexy!  

The most important part of a boudoir session is that the pictures really reflect you, not someone else’s vision of what a boudoir session should be.  Therefore, if you do not currently own any sexy lingerie, I would not recommend you go buy items you would not feel comfortable wearing.  However, I would say go shopping and try a few bra and panty sets on – you may find out you feel really hot in sexy lingerie!  Who knows what will happen when you let that genie out of the bottle!

Excuse #3

“I’m nervous about doing this in front of someone!”

Take this very serious advice from this Houston Boudoir Photographer – nothing is funnier then me doing sexy poses.  Notably, you and I are going to laugh a lot, you got this!  Believe me, you will have difficulty keeping a sensuous expression, you may be doubling over with laughter!  

Everyone starts out with a case of the nerves, that’s expected!  It doesn’t generally last more than a few minutes!  You got this!  Your going to rock your boudoir session!

Excuse #2

“I’m not a model. I don’t know how to pose. I’ll look awkward.”

This Houston Boudoir Photographer hears this one a lot!  Of course you are not a model!  Trust me, you will know an awful lot about posing after your boudoir session!  Take a look at your self in the mirror, then turn 45 degrees away from the light in the mirror, then turn at the waist with your nose turning toward the light..did you just slim down, did your waist just become way more apparent?  You will be guided into poses that will feel aswkaward, you bet!  However, when you see the images you will realize, oh yeah, even my fingertips look hot!

Excuse #1

“I need to lose five, ten, fifteen (you choose) pounds.”

Sorry, your not a jockey, there are no weight requirements for a boudoir session!  My biggest objection to this reason to defer your boudoir session is saying, “i’m not sexy enough at my current weight.”  And that, my sweet woman, is simply not true!  Even very thin models suffer over their weight, but when they get to work in front of the camera…they get to work!  Therefore, you are smoking at whatever weight you are right this minute…that;s what you find out when you see your images.  

Houston Boudoir Photographer Says No Excuses!

Houston Boudoir Photographer Says No Excuses!

In Conclusion…

I understand!  There are a lot of excuses to not have that boudoir session you’ve been dreaming about.  However, this Houston Boudoir Photographer wants to allay your fears.  This is going to be fun!  You got this!  Notably, you are going to look at that beautiful leather album in five, ten, twenty years and be so proud that you overcame your fears and did this!  Go ahead, give me call, email, smoke signal.  We can make this happen!

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