Houston Boudoir Photography Album Care

My goal is to put a boudoir album in the hand of every Heights Boudoir client!  Houston Boudoir Photography Album Care is a necessary part of education to assure that clients care for their beautiful artwork appropriately.  

How To Provide Houston Boudoir Photography Album Care

You’ve just received your sexy boudoir album.  A  beautiful collection of images from your boudoir session encased in a premium keepsake leather album (or other material). This album is one of the most precious and sexy items that remains from your boudoir session when all is said and done.  Therefore, it is important to provide Houston Boudoir Photography Album Care that will prolong the life of this artwork for years to come.  

Take these precautions when handling and storing your boudoir album to ensure that these sexy mementos will stand the test of time.

Houston Boudoir Photography Album Care

Houston Boudoir Photography Album Care for those with boudoir albums


Temperature and humidity

Do not expose your beautiful boudoir album to extreme changes in temperature or humidity. This will cause damage to the leather and possibly the binding.  Also, this can damage the pages and most importantly, the sexy images. Hot temperatures can cause the paper on which the photos are printed to dry out and become brown and brittle.  Therefore allowing the pages to become easily damaged.

This is Houston after all!  Thus, high humidity can cause mold to grow on your album and between pages. Extreme changes in temperature or humidity can cause the pages to expand and contract.  Therefore, warping the images. The ideal storage conditions to keep your boudoir album are temperatures between 55° and 95° F and humidity between 5% to 60%.  Notably, your album should never be stored in your automobile!

Direct sunlight

Do not store your boudoir album in direct sunlight. Sunlight emits both heat and harmful UV rays. As mentioned above, heat will damage the pages.  Also, the light will cause your sexy images to fade. In addition to damaging the pages of the book, direct sunlight will also damage the cover and binding.  Notably, this can occur regardless of what material your album is made out of.

Cleaning and maintenance

With time, your sexy boudoir album may accumulate dirt and dust.  Thus, to keep the images looking as new and glossy as they did on the day you received your album, you’ll want to clean and maintain your album appropriately. Dust as needed with a soft, dry cloth and when necessary, remove dirt gently with a damp cloth. Do not rub near imprinting to ensure that you don’t damage the images.

The kind folks at WHCC report that you can use a gentle leather cleaner sprayed onto a cloth, and then gently rub that onto the leather cover. Do not spray the cleaner directly onto the cover. The least amount of liquid you can use to clean the album the better!  

Storage and usage

You’ll want to enjoy your beautiful boudoir album time and time again for years to come and share the romance with your significant other.  When turning the pages, take care not to use fingernails as this may damage the edges. Instead, use your fingertips to turn the pages. Ideally, you will store your album flat inside a protective case or cover. However, you can store it both flat on a table or inside your bedside table, or standing up in a bookshelf.

Taking these precautions will help you preserve your memories in this lovely keepsake that will be a beautiful sexy memory!

Summary of Houston Boudoir Photography Album Care

Taking care with your keepsake boudoir album will assure years and years of enjoyment!  Take the steps to ensure that you will be enjoying your sexy album twenty, thirty and forty years into the future.  

 Your boudoir album will reflect you  and your style. You will have a great experience during your boudoir session, and be totally amazed at your images!  Once you have your album in your hand, the work begins of preserving those sexy images!  Here’s another blog on selecting that beautiful album!

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