Bra For a Fabulous Boudoir Photography Session?

A Bra that Fits!

Oftentimes, women read the suggestions offered in these blogs on how to dress for your body type during your boudoir session.  The pieces they bring to their photography session work perfectly, making their images just gorgeous.  Again, the most import common element of a great piece?  The piece that fits.  This is especially important when it comes to that sexy bra.

It’s in the Fit

While selecting lingerie for a boudoir session, clients often need a little extra information to make the perfect selection.  The first blog to read while selecting a bra, is how to get the perfect fit!  Read about bra fitting here!

At Heights Boudoir, we love your curves!  Lets keep them under control though!  That makes having a properly fitting bra imperative for awesome images!  You will be placed in positions that may cause a slip here and there.  Proper coverage will keep the “girls” on the right tract!

Underwires in a Bra

Bras should have an underwire.  You will be directed into poses during your boudoir session that will not feel natural.  An underwire will help keep the breasts supported and in the proper position during poses that may or not feel natural!

Straps that Flatter Your Bra and You

Avoid bras that bite into you!  They will not be comfortable during your boudoir session.  Therefore, that lingerie will end up in a drawer and not be used again!  Do not waste your hard earned dollars!  The majority of the support your bra provides should be around your chest, not your straps.  Notably, this becomes even more important the larger your bosom.  However, don’t eliminate the power of a strapless bra during your boudoir session.  

Also, that strapless bra can help with achieving implied nude poses.  That little extra cover may provide confidence for the woman who may not be comfortable topless in the studio.  

Beware Bras with Padding

Too high breasts tend to not look natural.   Also, those bras that have the padding under the cup, often cause gaps between the breast and the curve of the breast.  Therefore, a nice fit between the upper edge of the bra cup and your flesh is imperative.  

No Tight Fitting Bras

Proper fit is so very important.  A Bra that is over tight will cause muffin edges, and those are not pretty on any one.  However, especially for curvier figures, it will cause you to look heavier in your images.  

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