Houston Boudoir Photography:  Searching for the Perfect Boudoir Bra

Nothing flatters your shape more than wearing lingerie that fits you to a tee.  A well fitting Boudoir Bra will also make you feel more confident.  In addition, you will feel more comfortable.  Measuring yourself for the correct sized bra is a snap!
Although not a complicated process, the size is a starting point.  Certain factors will have an effect on your calculation, such as the brazier you are wearing when you make your calculation.  
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Correct Boudoir Bra Fitting Practice 

Sizing Step One

The first step in the bra sizing exercise is to get the measurement beneath your breasts.  While wearing your current brazier, measure around your rib cage directly beneath your breasts.  Pull the tape measure snug.  Make sure that the tape measure is all around your body without dipping anywhere.  This is your Boudoir Bra band size measurement.  Therefore, the 34 in 34DDD.  If you get an odd number, round up to the next number.  Thus, if you got a 33, round up to 34.  

Sizing Step Two

Now that you have step one completed, move on to step two.  This is the step that you determine your correct cup size.  Continue to measure yourself with your brazier still on.  Take the tape measure and place it around the fullest part of your breasts.  Hold the tape measure firmly but don’t pull it tightly, there should be no indentation across your breasts with the tape measure.  If necessary, round up to the next whole number.  Therefore, if your measurement is 35.5 inches, adjust to 36 inches.     

Sizing Step Three

Now is the time to do the basic math!  Drum roll please!  

Simply subtract your band size from your cup size.  The difference will determine your cup size.  A reference chart is below:

Boudoir Bra Size Chart


less than 1″ AA AA AA
1″ A A A
2″ B B B
3″ C C C
4″ D D D
5″ DD/E E DD
6″ DDD/F F E
10″ J J GG
11″ K   H
12″ L   HH
13″ M   J
14″ N   JJ
15″     K


Ninety percent of the support from a Boudoir Bra should be provided in the band.  Women often wear bras that are not providing this support.  Therefore, the weight of the breasts will pull down the front of the bra, and it will often creep up the back.  Thus, as a rule, if you can fit three fingers between your bra band and your flesh beneath, the band size is not snug enough.  If you experience this, try on a bra that is down one size along the band.  When you go down one size, you may have to go up one cup size.  For example, if you find your 34C bra is just a bit too loose, try on a 32D instead.  

Cup Sizing

Avoid the “quad boob” or “una boob” situation.  If you have more than one inch of breast tissue coming out of the top of your bra, it is not fitting properly.  This is called muffin top on other locations of your body, and you don’t want it here either!  Go up a cup.  Likewise, if you have one giant breast, the band may not be fitting correctly, or your cup sizing may be wrong.  

A correct cup size will not have the dreaded “quad boob”, and clothing will lay smoothly between your chest and the edge of the bra over your breasts.  There should be no humps, bulges, or crevices.  Also, the fabric of the Boudoir Bra should have no wrinkles or extra space in the cups.  If you have a hump over the top, your cup size is too small, go up a cup size.  Likewise, if you have any creases, wrinkles, unfilled areas of your bra, go down a size.  

Size May Vary

Be prepared to reevaluate your bra size every time you purchase a new bra.  There will be variance from brand to brand, and perhaps, even within a brand.  Just because you wear a certain size in one Prima Donna Bra, does not mean the next one will fit exactly the same way.  Notably, styling will have an impact also.  


A bra will only last about six to nine months with regular wear and washing, presuming your size remains the same.  Therefore, do the three finger test to determine if your bra requires replacing.  A trick adopted by some bra wearers, purchase your Boudoir Bra so that it fits properly on the outside clasp, and as the fabric gives, move to the middle, then inside clasp.  


Hand wash your bras.  Just soak for about 30-60 minutes in lukewarm water and a detergent that is approved by your bra manufacturer.  Rinse thoroughly, pat dray, reshape the cups with your hands.  Do not wring out the excess water.  Hang to dry.  You should never, ever place your bras inside a dryer.  

Store your bras in a drawer.  Do not invert one cup into the other as this will hurt the fibers that are in the molding.  This will shorten the life your bra.  While traveling, pack your bras last.  You can stuff the cups with your panties to help them hold their shape.  However, if you travel frequently, you may wish to invest in a special Boudoir Bra traveling case.

In Conclusion…

Do invest in yourself and visit a store that specializes in brazier fittings.  While you can generally get the proper size with these guidelines, an expert fitting will do wonders for your confidence.  An expert will also be able to guide you into the type and style of bra that will work best with your body, your wardrobe, your personal style.  Remember, a bra is never one size fits all…and no two 34Ds are alike!  We all have beautiful, unique bodies worthy of a little TLC!

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