Mrs. R  Celebrates a New Her and a New You!

Celebrate with Boudoir

Mrs. R came into the studio to celebrate her rocking new shape!  Is there a New You to celebrate?  She had lost considerable weight (about 60 pounds) and

Celebrate Weight Loss with Boudoirrewarded her hard work with a little help from a plastic surgeon to get her groove back!  As a result, Bancroft/Feldman helped her take care of a bit of pooch that would not go away and lifted her breasts for a trim, sexy shape.  Importantly, she was delighted with her results!  Is there a New You ready to celebrate?

Interested in some sexy images of yourself in lingerie?  Here’s some ideas when it is a good time celebrate with sexy pics!

Planning to Celebrate a New You

In planning Mrs. R’s session, she wanted to sport a bit of a classic, vintage style.  Consequently, she brought a few lovely sets of lingerie to her session.  In addition, she also brought a very cute polka dot dress that enhanced her new found curves!  Most of all, she wanted to be able to display a photograph from her session in her home!

A Little Nerves in the Celebration

Many women are very uncomfortable with the thought of being naked or nearly naked in front of a camera.  However, like Mrs. R, women often realize that their is something empowering for a woman to record a remarkable moment in her life with sexy images.  However, some women find that the idea of taking sexy images is only acceptable if they have someone to share those images.  In the end, those images may be taken with someone else in mind, but they are really for a New You!  

Why Celebrate a New You?

Celebrate Weight Loss with Boudoir

Intimate photos are a way of reclaiming that sexy side we women sometimes lose touch with.  After years of seeing to everyone else’s needs, that boudoir session can help you take a moment for self care.  Therefore, yes, it is wonderful to have a husband, lover, friend that finds you sexy and beautiful.  However, how long has been since you looked at yourself and said, “Hell, yes, I’m hot!”  Importantly, that’s why women love to celebrate their sexy!





Mrs. R giggled her way through most of her boudoir session!  In the end, she was astounded.  “Is that really me?”  And

Celebrate Weight Loss with Boudoirbelieve me, she finally saw what her husband sees in her every day!  

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Celebrate your sexy self – shamelessly!

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