Houston Boudoir Photography Celebrates Your Sexy Self – Are You Ready To?

Yes!  I want to be your boudoir photographer!  Houston Boudoir Photography Celebrates Your Sexy Self – are you ready to?  However, are you wondering what that means anyway!  Celebrate your sexy self?  Yes!  And do it shamelessly!  

Why Celebrate?

celebrate (verb) Acknowledge (a significant or happy day or event) with a social gathering or enjoyable activity

example 1:  She celebrated her extraordinary hard work in losing three sizes before her wedding with boudoir photos for her husband to be!

example 2:  She woke up one day knowing that the painful divorce was behind her and she would learn to love again by loving herself!  She celebrated with a sexy boudoir photography session!

example 3:  A special occasion was coming up and she wanted to knock his socks off by celebrating with some sexy boudoir images!

The whole idea of celebrating your sexy self is completely foreign to many women.  All around us, we are met with images of fictional women that we feel we can never measure up to.  Those images are used to make us buy, feel shame, and compensate with having too much of the things that do not bring us satisfaction.  However, those tools are never about us!  Those images are used against us!  

Houston Boudoir Photography Celebrates Your Sexy Self.  However, we do this by providing some of the same weapons advertisers use against us!  Lighting, angles, and some knock you on your ass lingerie!  

Why Not Celebrate?

Women have been forced to compare themselves to impossible standards depicted on television, in movies, in magazines, and yes, Instagram!  Those unreachable standards – probably models who are starving half to death!  However, don’t thing Photoshop isn’t a necessary editorial tool!  In addition, I’ve read advertising retouches actually add weight to models because they look too thin!  Notably, come on, we have just pushed it too far!

Sorry, all you models…most men just happen to love curves!  No, not sorry.  Thank God!  Therefore, let’s celebrate them ourselves!  

Ms. L Celebrated!

Ms. L. enjoyed a boudoir experience at Heights Boudoir.  After her session, Mrs. L. responded to a brief questionnaire for me.  Notably, here is her story.  

“Houston Boudoir Photography Celebrates Your Sexy Self – why are you doing this now?”

This is definitely something that is completely out of my character.  Although it is something new and exiting, I did it for my husband to be.  However, he was just the inspiration!  I knew when I scheduled my boudoir shoot that it was as much for me as it was for him!

“How did you Feel going into your boudoir session?”

“I was really full of nerves!  Not sure what the pictures would look like, if my body was good enough, if my expressions would be sexy!”

“What were you most afraid of?”

“Mostly, I was afraid I would not look sexy.  I was afraid I was the one woman who couldn’t pull off a sexy look!  

“How would you describe the images you viewed from your session?”

“I wold describe my images as sensual, sexy, and confident.”

“Besides beautiful images, what did you take away from your boudoir experience?”

“I came out of my comfort zone.  I did something I never thought I would do.  And I finally see myself the way my fiancé sees me – sexy!  I never really felt sexy before!  However, now, I know I am!”

Houston Boudoir Photography Celebrates Your Sexy Self

Houston Boudoir Photography Celebrates Your Sexy Self with Ms L.

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Heights Boudoir Photographer Jan Watson