Yes!  Lets talk about that man’s Dress Shirt!  But be sure to read the Guide to Preparing if you are considering a boudoir session or have one scheduled!

How to Rock that Button-Down Dress Shirt During Your Boudoir Session

Houston Heights Boudoir Button Down Dress Shirt

That Button-Down Dress Shirt of his is a staple during a boudoir session!  It is the one accessory that gives your lingerie a different look  Also, it gives your bare breasts a little cover.  However, that cover can be as little or as much as you want!  Notably, that Button Down also gives your bare ass a little peek-a-boo action.  Therefore, don’t forget to bring a favorite Button Down!

Check the Fit for Rocking!

While the images in movies are very romantic, the heroine picking up his wrinkled shirt off the floor and looking sexy as hell when she puts it on!  However, check the fit if you plan to bring that Dress Shirt to your boudoir session!  Rolling up the sleeves looks terrific, but if that shirt falls below your knees, you may want to pick up your own Button Down!  

I have eyed those shirts coming into the studio, and sometimes think, “That looks like it is her size!”  I keep one of my husband’s Button-Down Dress Shirts in the studio for times like those.  However, Tim is long wasted and his shirt falls a bit lower than I usually prefer.  My just right spot is just below the bootay but not past mid thigh.  An inch below the bootay is perfect for me (I do not want to cover that long expanse of legs, ladies!).

If You Must Buy a Button-Down Dress Shirt

Go to the men’s department and buy one that fits you well.  It will look like it fits you with a bit of room (you may even get some future use out of it), but it won’t swallow you up whole!  This Button Down does not have to be an expensive one, and you can buy these anywhere!  Therefore, next time you are walking through the department store, check out the men’s rack.  Especially if you think his shirt may be “too much” or “not enough”.  

Buying something you may not use again sound unappealing?  Hello, I fall into that category!  My husband does not love that quality about me.  However, if an item cannot serve at least two purposes, I really have to think serious about buying something!  Look through your own closet and see if you have a Button Down Dress Shirt that fits just a little bit loose, covers your bottom, and if possible, you can pull it together in the front while unbuttoned, to cover your girly bits.  However, while a little give is needed for posing, a cut that accentuates your waistline is wonderful!

A favorite shot of mine is when the client holds the shirt off her shoulders but just covers her breasts.  Therefore, try that pose before determining if that is the right Button Down for your boudoir session.  

Posing Tips

Houston Heights Boudoir Button Down Dress Shirt

As mentioned above, I love the image with the client holding the shirt off her shoulders but covering the girls.  This shot looks great to the side, over the shoulder, and body to the camera.  

Another great shot is sans bra but wearing a pretty pair of panties.  Shirt open in front, breasts just barely covered or a bit of nipple just peaking out (I mean barely there – where you have to really look!).  

A silhouette with your form coming through the Button Down is sexy as hell.  Getting your form into that lovely s-curve, with your head turned just so you can barely see your profile, just lovely!

Button-Down Dress Shirt Disasters

The Button-Down Dress Shirt will look best nicely pressed!  However, do avoid bringing the shirt fresh from its wrapping, those creases are not flattering!  Please steam it or toss it in the dryer prior to your boudoir session.

Consider carefully if you bring a  dress shirt he is very attached to!  Will he notice if you get lipstick on his favorite designer Button Down?  Also, if he has one white Button-Down and it suddenly disappears from his closet, will he notice?  Therefore, if your boudoir session is a secret, you will have to be particularly stealthy!

In Conclusion…

That shirt is the perfect accessory at a boudoir session!  It will give one of your lingerie outfits multiple looks, extending the variety of images for you to select from at your reveal session.  Notably, you will not need to incorporate a lot of changing time into your session.  As a rule, we would take your first light tone lingerie bra and panty, slip on the shirt with both items on, and take some images.  However, we would then slip off the bra and take some more images.  Also, If you wanted a few implied nude images, you would be invited to remove those panties and we would cover the bits with the shirt to give him something to really knock his socks off!


Houston Heights Boudoir Button Down Dress Shirt

Houston Heights Boudoir Button Down Dress Shirt with a rocking silhouette

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