Your Houston Boudoir Photography Experience Can Be Ruined! At Heights Boudoir Photography studio located very near downtown Houston in the historic Houston Heights has experienced it all! However, it does not need to be ruined!

Check out these suggestions to prevent ruining your Houston Boudoir Photography Experience. These suggestions are good at Heights Boudoir Photography Studio. However, other studios will probably encourage you pay attention to these points to assure you have a positive experience.

Don’t  Ruin Your Houston Boudoir Photography Experience

1.  Not Being on Time!

This is an obvious way to ruin your Houston Boudoir Photography Experience! While I don’t get my panties in a wad over a few minutes, clients have pushed my buttons with being VERY late. Notably, running late can be very stressful. However, I always encourage clients not to stress over being late.

Clients will sometimes schedule makeup and a blowout at their own salon, or go by the Mac counter or Sephora. This is great, and everyone needs to prepare how they see fit. However, makeup almost always takes longer than you think! Therefore, give me a text if you will be more than a few minutes late!

Do not let running late ruin your Houston Boudoir Photography Experience! Unless one of my make up artists is sitting here waiting for you, we are okay! Therefore, give yourself a little extra time with your salon. Notably, they will do a much better job if you are not rushed.

2.  Not Being Aware of the Investment

Not understanding the investment in a boudoir session can also ruin your Houston Boudoir Photography Experience. Therefore, not allotting the budget for the important items can ruin your session.

Not allotting the appropriate budget may affect the final result of your images.  Therefore, professional make up application is important for many women.  However, if you do not recognize yourself with a lot of make up, you may wish to invest in evaluating this priority.  Notably, your images should be of you.  Therefore, if your inner vixen wants to go all out and be the Victoria Secret model for a day – do it!  

Another consideration on budget, your lingerie choices.  Do you really need to go spend your next paycheck on expensive lingerie?  Probably not!  Shop in your closet!  However, if you love lingerie and like to share it with your partner – yes, get some new pieces!  

Between the session costs, the make up and hair, the lingerie, then actually sitting down and selecting a package, you are making a significant investment in boudoir images.  Pick your priorities and understand your investment!  If it all sounds good – enjoy yourself!

3.  Bringing Your Mother, Brother, Sister (whoever)

Well, your brother probably wouldn’t be invited anyway!  I do have a no men allowed policy!  However, even your mother and baby sister do not have a place at a boudoir session.  Does your mother really want to see you being posed to look sensual?  Notably, my studio is not child proof or even child appropriate!  Don’t let your boudoir jitters ruin your Houston Boudoir Photography Experience!  Therefore, know this, YOU GOT THIS!

I know your kids are well behaved, but seriously, there are no babysitters here!  Leave the kids home with your mother and kid sister, and come have some adult conversation and beverage and get naked and take pictures!  (Just kidding!)

4.  Not paying attention to your Nutrition before a boudoir session

This is paramount to enjoying a session – check out the blog on nutrition before a boudoir session for more information.

Do Have a Rocking Boudoir Session

Make your Houston Boudoir Photography Experience a fun and exciting time!  Want to learn more about how Houston Boudoir Photography Celebrates Your Sexy Self?  Try this blog for additional information on preparing for a boudoir session!  

Heights Boudoir Photographer Jan Watson