Your Holiday Guide to Classy Boudoir Images

A beautiful leather bound album of sexy images makes a wonderful gift for your significant other!  However, lets do everything to assure those images are classy!  Therefore, lets avoid the strictly “holiday” lingerie!

Interested in some sexy images of yourself in lingerie?  Here’s some ideas when it is a good time celebrate with sexy pics!

Do Wear that Hot Red Number

Red is a terrific color for sexy lingerie!  However, during the Holiday, it is just a natural!  A sexy lacy red bra and panty set can look perfect in your Holiday album, without looking “out of season” in the Spring!  However, if red is not your favorite lingerie color, a little bit of red ribbon accenting a pair of white or black lingerie can be beautiful too!  

To keep it Classy, choose the lingerie that makes you feel sexy and will be in season all year long!   However, you may wish to look at this blog on lingerie for a few great ideas!

Keep the Fur on the Floor!

I love a fur rug, but lets pass by the lingerie that is made out of fur or fur lined.  Notably, this is fun at home for Christmas Eve, but it just looks a bit corny in images.   Again, this Holiday gift for your partner will be enjoyed all year long!  Let’s do our best to keep it from looking like a Holiday greeting card!  

Leave Santa’s Hat at Home

Sure, Santa’s red hat lined with white fur is cute!  Reindeer antler head bands are cute too!  No doubt, that little elf hat and pointy ears are cute too!  However, is it going to be as cute on that sultry summer evening after a romantic night out on the town?  Will he pull that beautiful leather bound album out from the bedside stand and really feel the current vibe?  

I love that Holiday vibe!  However, I don’t really love it all year long!  In fact, isn’t the Holiday season long enough?  

Watch the Packaging with Holiday Bows!

Yes Holiday bows are sexy!  But I am not talking about the big bows we put on our packages!  Especially hot, the lingerie that ties on the side.  Men love it!  One little tug and off those panties go!  But lets leave the big bows on the box!  Therefore, if you are out shopping, leave the cute Christmas bow pasties at home!   They just are going to keep that album from having the classy vibe you are going to want all year round!

Its for you Too!

Boudoir images are hot, sexy, and fun to have made!  Probably as much fun for you as it will be for your partner to receive the images!  Some of your images will be serious with your very sexy face.  Other’s will be more flirty.  Some will just be happy!  Therefore, lets not think about it being a serious undertaking!  Think if it as fun…with a bit of an edge!

Holiday Special Available in November 

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Merry Christmas!  Make it the Sexiest One Yet!

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Celebrate your sexy self – shamelessly!


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