Top 10 Lingerie Items for Your Boudoir Photography Session

You may not want to bring all 10 of these hottest lingerie items for your boudoir Photography session, but this list is a great place to start!  For a complete guide, try this Guide to Preparing!

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Model in Red Lingerie at Houston Heights Boudoir Photography Studio

1.  Sexy Panties and Bra

No duh!  You are going to need sexy panties for your boudoir session.  At least one pair should come with a matching bra, but matching can just be in color family.  At Heights Boudoir Photography, we recommend that you bring at least two tones of panties and bras.  Black panties are a staple, but include another neutral beige/pink/pale colored pair that will give your boudoir images a completely different look.

If shopping for something new, the high waisted vintage look is very elegant and generally very flattering for many body types.  However, you may want to consider its matching partner the retro bra. The lingerie needs to fit well!   The bra should not have “gappage”.  Try on the bra and move around, lay down, roll over.  Notably, you do not want to have big gaps where your breast meets the edge of the bra.  Photography will reflect ill fitting lingerie unflatteringly!  Gappage has ruined a many otherwise beautiful example of Boudoir Photography!

Houston Heights Boudoir Photography2.  Body Suit

These are just very flattering on most body types.  Body suits can be flirty, dramatic, sporty, and just fun.  They look good with or without heels.  Body suits are just hot.  The sensitive stomach area is covered, and how flattering this item is can just not be discounted.  

3.  Corset 

A Corset is an undergarment designed to make your  waist look smaller. It is a tool that works with your body to shape an hourglass figure. The corset will reduce your waist. Corsets are form fitting and generally sleevelss but are usually sturdier than bustiers.

Corsets may lace up the back, front, or both with hook and eye closures to assist with removing. Some corsets will be underbust (cupless) and may be referred to as a waist cincher. Boning is generally present in a corset. . Spring steel boning provides a great deal of support to your torso but it also bends for comfort. Corsets are crafted from beautiful fabrics including satin, silk, and lace.  You may find your corset has little to no stretch and reinforced with a sturdy inner lining.  Although corsets are costly, you will be able to use it for many years.  

4.  Bustier

The bustier is form fitting, as the purpose of a bustier is to “boost” the chest. The bustier has the intended purpose of accentuate a women’s curves by pushing the breasts up and creating a more robust cleavage. To provide this shape bustiers often have cup shapes built in to define the bust. Bras of today are an evolution of the bustier.   You wear a bustiers as lingerie or clothing.  Likely determined by the material used to manufacture this item.   A bustier can be strapless but not always. Your bustier will likely be constructed of fabric with stretch built in. It will incorporate hooks or buttons to close.   Not designed to reduce your waist size, your bustier may incorporate boning to provide shape.  

One thing you may keep in mind while shopping for a bustier, if you have a bra size smaller then a C cup do consider a bustier that has built in cups. The bustiers without this feature can flatten your curves.  A delicious boudoir shoot is all about accentuating those curves!

5.  Garter Belt & StockingsHouston Heights Boudoir Photography Studio

Garter belts are oh so sexy!  Some styles offer a little cover for tummies, many women’s number one “sensitive” area.  The belt will have straps that secure your stockings.  The clasps are a bit complicated, requiring a little practice securing to the hose.  The garter belt typically has four straps that hook the stocking to the front and back of each leg.

Once you have the garter on, slip into your stockings and pull them about mid thigh.  There is a nub on one side of the garter which goes beneath the stocking and the clasp side goes outside the stocking.  Slide together to secure.  Straps are generally adjustable.  You will want to give yourself a little slack in the back for bending, kneeling, poking out that beautiful derriere. 

Oh yes, that garter belt does not make much sense without stockings!  Black stockings are ooh la la sexy!  A pair of white stockings for bridal boudoir are super sexy, and nude stockings are just so classy!  Women with shorter legs have a harder time really pulling off the stockings, especially black stockings.  Posing will help to elongate those legs, but shorter legs can be a bit more challenging.  However, by all means, if you feel sexy as hell in them, definitely bring them!

During you boudoir session, you will wear your garter belt over your panties.  However, if you are wearing your garter out for a night on the town and some little action afterward, wear your panites over the garter belt.  Notably, you will not need to remove your garters to go to the bathroom.  Also, for the action later, the panties can come off and the garter belt can remain!

When shopping, you will notice that there are stockings and there are thigh highs.  The thigh highs have a silicone band that holds the stockings up and it is very difficult to secure that silicone in a garter belt clasp.  

Houston Heights Boudoir Photography Studio6.  Pearls/Jewelry

Sorry, pearls are just sexy.   Having pearls, or chains of some significance helps give your hands something to do in images, and that just helps with posing.  Pearls are elegant, add a touch of class, and sometimes, those pearls can appear to be all you are wearing.  Obviously, for bridal boudoir especially, that engagement ring will be featured in Photography!

7.  Very High Heels

Yes, tall thin heels are hot!  Wedges, not so much.  Black pumps are Houston Heights Boudoir Photographyclassic, the higher the heel the better, but definitely over three inches.  Black and beige work well and will cover most bases.  If you have a red hot red lingerie outfit, your black heels could work, but you may wish to look at brining red shoes.  If you are wearing red hose, you are definitely going to want a red shoe.  Therefore, look overall at the outfits you are considering and bring a variety of high heels.  However, do not bring more than two shoes in the same color!  

Personally, I will be barefoot most of the time.  Sorry, yes, high heels are hot as hell, but while we will take some photographs in those high heels, we will take our fair share sans footwear!  However, nothing helps you get into that beautiful figure S than a super high heel.

8.  His Button Up

His starched white or light blue button up is classic and sexy.  With lingerie or without, these are often some of my favorite images from a boudoir session.  It just spells classic!  However, while I say white or light blue, it should be a standard in his wardrobe.  If he always wears a striped shirt, bring his favorite!

9.  A Favorite or Lucky Tie

This can go with his shirt, or without!  Strategic placement will cover the important bits (on most women), but leaves little to the imagination!  Also, that tie looks pretty hot tied around your wrists or ankles.  If bondage is out of the question, dragging it behind you with a derriere image can be very sexy.  However, we can be dignified and just pair it with the white shirt!

Houston Heights Boudoir Photography Studio10.  A Loose Sweater

A loose, soft sweater that can be pulled over your shoulder is very sexy.  A large weave will give a little see through action that may encourage a second and third look.  However, the sweater will be coming off soon, I hope!  

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