Houston Boudoir Photography Myths and Misconceptions

Houston Boudoir Photography Myths abound out there in the blogosphere.  Although boudoir photography is a legitimate field of photography and is valued among many in the art world community, these myths continue.  I am going to do my best to dispel some of the more common myths and misapprehensions regarding boudoir photography.

Houston Boudoir Photography Myths

Houston Boudoir Photography Myths Debunked at Heights Boudoir

Houston Boudoir Photography Myths – No. 1:

Its just for brides!  

This is very far from the truth.   However, brides do seem to enjoy celebrating their sexy selves with boudoir photography!  Perhaps brides choose boudoir images for their grooms because deep down they know their fellas want it!  However, brides are also embarking on a new life and boudoir images can give them that sexy boost of confidence to carry them into their new journey.  Also, brides work hard to get in shape for their weddings!  Numerous brides have made it clear to me that they are in the best shape of their lives!  Therefore, they wanted to immortalize those curves!  

Brides definitely love boudoir photography.  However, all women can become smitten with themselves again or for the first time by celebrating themselves with a boudoir session.  Women recovering from bad relationships can benefit from a boudoir photography session.  Women recovering from serious illnesses can reclaim their sexy with a boudoir photography experience.  Also, women who have mastered the stair master and trimmed or toned to drop a few sizes in their jeans – can benefit from a boudoir session!  Therefore, Houston Boudoir Photography Myths – No. 1 – officially debunked!

Houston Boudoir Photography Myths – No. 2:

Boudoir Photography Images are Pornographic!

Houston Boudoir Photography Myth No. 2 makes me blush a little bit!  This could not be further from the truth.  Boudoir images are never about exploiting  the female form.  There is never, at any point, any graphic or overt sexuality.  Boudoir photography, at its very core, is about encouraging a woman to acknowledge, express, and even embrace that part of her nature that is sexy.  Boudoir photography sessions are not even about sex, period.  

At Heights Boudoir, nudity is always up to the client.  I never encourage or discourage nudity.  If someone inquires and makes it clear they do want full nudity, I make it very clear that I do not photograph anything that is explicit.  However, pornography can be left open to interpretation.  I reserve the right to stop any session should I become uncomfortable by the direction the session is progressing.  Notably, during a couples session the gentlemen are never uncovered! 

Expressing sexiness, even expressing sexuality, is not pornographic.  Embracing our sexiness and being willing to actually celebrate this marvelous depth of being a human being is the essence at every boudoir session!  Therefore, Houston Boudoir Photography Myths – No. 2  – you are officially debunked!

Houston Boudoir Photography Myths – No. 3:

Boudoir Photography is Just for Women Who Look Like Victoria Secret Models!

Oh my God!  This is so wrong on so many different levels and I am thrilled to prove it numerous times a week!  Houston Heights Boudoir Photography Studio photographs women of every shape and size and age and ethnicity!  Women desire life affirming images of themselves all along their journey!  Notably, that can be while they are in college, about to walk down the aisle, about to be a mother or a grandmother.  However, I have noted their are any number of critics to dissuade a woman when she puts out into the universe that she is considering a boudoir session.  

Boudoir Photography is about celebrating all women of every type!  Therefore, if you do not feel you look like a Victoria Secret Model, you are my ideal client!  After looking at your images, you will feel just as sexy as any Victoria Secret Model!  Maybe even sexier!   However, I will not do this by making you look like some supermodel in a commercial.  I will achieve this by capturing you in a way you do not currently see yourself.  

Considering a boudoir session now that these common myths have been debunked?  Check out the blog about celebrating with boudoir!

Houston Boudoir Photography Myths

Houston Boudoir Photography Myths totally Debunked at Heights Boudoir

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