Houston Boudoir Photography Outfits: Girl Next Door Look

Houston Boudoir Photography Outfits are a lot of fun to select.  However, prior to selecting the outfits you will bring to your boudoir session, you must determine what your look is all about.  Boudoir photography is not about replicating Victoria Secret Angel commercials.  Therefore, it is important for you to determine what your style is and pack your Houston Boudoir Photography Outfits accordingly!  

On a side note, though, you can definitely bring items that reflect a style you have always wanted to be!  Notably, you are stretching your wings a bit by committing yourself to a boudoir session.  Therefore, it is perfectly okay to try out that outfit you have always wanted to get sexy in!  Check out this read on Guide to Preparing for a Boudoir Session for more information!

Houston Boudoir Photography Outfits: Girl Next Door

What you will need to pull of the Girl Next Door Look

The girl next door look is, possibly, the easiest of the Houston Boudoir Photography Outfits to pull out of your closet.  Most of the items you will need for this look are probably sitting on the chair in your bedroom, and may well be on the top of the lingerie pile in your drawer!  However, a new item or two will not be a problem because it will become a frequent used item in your wardrobe.

Sheer White T-Shirt or Tank Top

A plain white tee or wife beater is always a great choice.  This is a T-Shirt that he might have seen you on any number of Sunday afternoons.  However, if your favorite Tee is pink, gray, or blue – bring it!  Notably, one of the sexiest looks I’ve ever seen was a cropped T-shirt with a bright pair of boy shorts and socks.  However, if this is not an outfit you have ever worn, please don’t try it at your boudoir session!

Houston Boudoir Photography Outfits: Girl Next Door Look

Lacy Panties Go well with that loose sweater

Off Shoulder Sweater

This is one of my favorite articles for Houston Boudoir Photography Outfits.  A sweater that falls off your shoulder to reveal a bra strap or nothing at all is a sexy look.  However, besides being a sexy look, it is a good option to begin a boudoir session.  Therefore, you get a little coverage while the champagne is kicking in!

Lace Panties or Boy Shorts

Houston Boudoir Photography Outfits will include a couple varieties of panties.  However, keep in mind that the T-Shirt/Tank will probably appear more at home with some cheeky boy shorts.  Although, the off the shoulder sweater is complimented best with sexy, lace panties.  Therefore, consider your lingerie items carefully!  However, don’t hold back!  Notably,  bring extra to your boudoir session and let your photographer help with sorting the outfits!


Cut Offs

Houston Boudoir Photography Outfits: Girl Next Door

Don’t for get the cut offs!

A sexy pair of blue jean cut offs will add a little pizzaz to your images if this is your style.  Houston Boudoir Photography Outfits do not have to be garters, corsets, and stilettos!  Therefore, if cut offs are your look, don’t forget to pack your cowboy boots if they are how you normally embellish those shorts!

Houston Boudoir Photography Outfit Look Girl Next Door

Socks make a great accessory!


Don’t forget the socks to accompany your Houston Boudoir Photography Outfits!  Notably, if your partner jokes about your cold feet and wearing socks to bed – well, you need to bring those socks!  However, don’t forget to take them home with you!




Houston Boudoir Photography Outfits:  The Girl Next Door is You!

Bring that wholesome outfit in your closet that he loves to see you wearing!  Notably, it could be your workout shorts, your Wonder Woman pajamas, or that homey apron you only wear at Thanksgiving!  Therefore, use your imagination!  However, Houston Boudoir Photography Outfits must reflect your own personal style!

Houston Boudoir Photography Outfits: Girl Next Door

Girl Next Door with holiday aprons

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