ABCs of Preparing for your Houston Boudoir Photography

Every client booking a session at Heights Boudoir, a  Houston Boudoir Photography studio, receives a copy of our Guide to Preparation.  That Guide is pretty extensive with lots of suggestions!  Also, there are more thorough blogs on this site (see below).  However, herein are the three essential musts in preparing your body for a boudoir session.  Notably, it does not include locking yourself in your gym or go on an extreme diet!

Try reading this for the complete Guide to Preparing if you are getting ready for a boudoir session.


A.  Adore the Body you are in!  (No extreme weight loss measures!)

Houston Heights Boudoir Studio ABCs of Preparing

Boudoir Preparing Suggestions

A kickass Houston Boudoir Photography session is about flattering the body you are in now!  Therefore, please, no last ditch efforts to change that scrumptious body prior to your boudoir session.  Notably, the mantra is “I Got This”.  

Believe me, I know what it means to feel inadequate.  However, five pounds, ten pounds…it doesn’t matter.  You are going to look hot in your boudoir images because you are rocking!  

So lets agree, the body you have right now, that’s the body we are going to celebrate – shamelessly!  Instead of crash diets, consider eating better.  However, eat better because you deserve it not because you need to change something about your body.  Therefore, do take good care of yourself.  Eat nourishing foods, hydrate regularly, stick with your current exercise plan.  

Your images will flatter you with the right angles, the right lighting, the right poses.  Therefore, take time to get your body ready for a rigorous Houston Boudoir Photography session!  Notably, sessions are fun but they are not easy!  For many, it’s a bit of a workout!  This is not the time to starve yourself!



B.  Beware the Tan

Beach Boudoir Session Preparation at Houston's Heights Boudoir Studio

Sun is Fun but Tan Lines are a NO NO in Preparation

Please, no tans!  I implore you to not pursue a natural sun tan, or a tan from a booth or spray on, or lotions that tan you.  All of these methods of tanning cause problems during the session.  These problems include tan lines, funny color casts on the skin (not funny haha, but what the @#$% while I’m processing images!), splotchy areas and streaks.  While you may say “Just Photoshop It” – its not that easy of a fix much of the time.  Additional Photoshopping of images can result in additional time to process images which can result in additional costs.  While this is rare, generally, only purchased images will receive this treatment.  

However, worse then the lines, the inconsistent color casts and streaks and blotches from chemicals can be very difficult and time consuming!  Although we all have variations in skin color, especially around boney prominences, artificial tanning really accentuates these discolorations.  Pointedly, they can be a bitch to fix!  Please!  Skip it!

Also, making that very fair butt match those very tanned legs – well, not so easy and, again, very time consuming!  A request to actually change your body (including colors) will result in additional Photoshopping costs!  However, even if you are willing to pay the additional costs to perform Photoshop magic, the request is unrealistic.  You may not be satisfied with the results!

Natural, smooth, untanned skin will always be in fashion!  I encourage you to stick with what you have naturally!


C.  Create a Spa Day

Guide to Preparing for Your Boudoir Session with a Mani/Pedi

Preparing Feet for a Sexy Boudoir Session

Treat yourself to the day at the spa or your local salons a couple of days prior to your boudoir photography session.  A fresh mani/pedi and whatever personal grooming you prefer should be done in advance.  Therefore, avoiding any day after redness from some waxing techniques (whether that be your chin, brows, or the bikini areas).  

Enjoy this preparation time please!  You so deserve to pamper yourself!  We know how hard you have worked, how much attention you have given those around you.  However, as women, we sometimes fail to give ourselves the attention we need and deserve!

For a few notes on the ABCs of waxing, try reading this blog!

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 Celebrate your sexy self – shamelessly!

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