Five Reasons for Professional Sensual Photographs

I hear all kinds of reasons why women are unable to commit to Professional Sensual Photographs.  Oftentimes, those reasons revolve around a lack of confidence with their bodies.  Some women have a hard time connecting with their inner vixen.  Occasionally, it’s the cost.  However, I wanted to take this opportunity to really focus on the positive effect boudoir provides for my clients – and lets just put all those negative thoughts on the back burner for just a few minutes.  Therefore, here are my five top reasons to consider getting those Professional Sensual Photographs made at a boudoir session.  For a more extensive list, try this blog on Intimate Sexy Pics.  

1. Professional Sensual Photographs Are a Great Gift!

Hey!  You know your partner wants it…or would want to want it if they even thought there was an opportunity to get sexy images of you!  Go ahead,  hand your cellphone to your partner and tell them, “Hey, I have some new lingerie, will you take some pictures?”  Jeez…what a no brainer!  

2.  …And A Gift for You

Sure!  You are going to give that album to your partner.  That’s just how generous you are!  However, boudoir is a gift you give yourself.  The experience is all about you, and you deserve this.  It is a black and white (and sometimes full living color) reminder that you are a sexy woman.  In the whirlwind we call everyday life – kids, jobs, partners, friends, houses, parents…the list is endless, we care for others!  Taking a couple hours out of your day to remind yourself that you are not only a super human being to all those other people, but you are also a sexy woman who needs to play!  Therefore, boudoir is a part of selfcare! 

3.  To Mark a Milestone

Women often pursue Professional Sensual Photographs to mark a milestone in their life.  Wedding, maternity, anniversary.  But there are other milestones that really deserve a bit of extra documentation.  Weightloss, cosmetic surgery, health issues, a bad breakup – just to name a few.  Therefore, a boudoir session can provide an opportunity for you to see yourself the way you may not have been able to see yourself in a very long time.  However, it is also a beautiful opportunity to mark a space in time…this is me when…you define the moment.

4.  Bolster Your Confidence

Sure that’s you!  I want to capture you! Not some made up version that is so photoshopped it could be anyone…but you – the real you.  As women, we are constantly reminded that we are not enough.  Never thin enough, never busty enough, I’m not even sure we desire smaller or bigger bootays nowadays.  All these conflicting messages we get from media are too difficult to keep track of!  

You will gently be reminded, however, that with a little airbrushing, the right posing, a sexy outfit, and lights placed just so – well you rock like no one’s business!  And you know what?  That is you in those photographs even if a blemish is removed!  However, when your partner sees those images, they will also see that confidence!  The woman they love so much had the confidence to slip into a piece of slinky lingerie, don sexy high heels, and strut herself in front of a professional photographer.  

Confidence, baby, is sexy…just ask your partner.  

5.  Just for the Hell of It!

Believe it or not, you are allowed to do things just for the hell of It!  You can have a boudoir session just to have some fun.  It is a good time.  Sure, you will be a little nervous to begin, but after 10-20 minutes, you will feel right at home!  Sure, posing isn’t difficult, but do you know how many women leave a boudoir session with new respect for the life of models?  It’s not hard, but its also not easy!  Twisting, turning, paying attention to you toes and your fingers at the same time!  Sure, a boudoir session takes focus.  Absolutely, you will need direction.  Yes, you may be sore the next day!  However, it is a new experience you will be able to applaud yourself for taking the opportunity to celebrate your Sexy self – shamelessly!  

Go ahead and ask the next five women you run into, “Have you ever had a boudoir photography session?”  Notably, I betcha your going to be one of the rare ones for even considering the undertaking!

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Go ahead – You Got This!

Celebrate Your Sexy Self – Shamelessly!

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