Props Can Be Sizzling in Boudoir Pics

Props and accessories started to be incorporated into sexy images and tasteful photos around the 1940s.  While the potential prop list for a boudoir photography session is endless, here are ten of my favorites.  We are the Houston area boudoir studio, Heights Boudoir.  Most of these items are easy to secure for your boudoir shoot.  While the list may be endless, some items are just too difficult to manage at a shoot!   Therefore, difficult to obtain items like an elephant, wild Arabian horse, or a unicorn could make it once in a life time experience – we discourage these items.  However, if the animal lover in you insists, lets do it at your place! 

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1.  Lace or Silk as a Prop

The use of lace or silk as a Prop in boudoir photography is very sexy.  The now you see it now you don’t component of lace promotes the voyeur quality of a boudoir photo.  “Is that a nip, is that a shadow?”  It is playful and provides lots of anticipation of what is beneath the lace to keep the viewer gazing at the photograph.  Also, silk is a beautiful material that drapes gently over the female form.  Draping accentuates the soft curves of that sexy form.  It can even be draped in a way that will reflect the light from your photo shoot to accentuate particular bits and parts that add interest to the viewer.  

2.  Beloved Items Can be Props

There are certain items beloved by you or the recipient of your boudoir photographs.  Men love to see you in his favorite sports gear.  If gifting a fireman, yes, fireman gear like his uniform jacket, helmet, etc. can be a very sexy prop.  If his gear is not what does it for you, what about his hot rod, or his motorcycle?  Commemorating from your perspective?  If your boudoir shoot is of the bridal variety, your engagement ring, veil, wedding garter are all excellent beloved items that can be costars in your boudoir photo collection.  

3.  Jewelry – Or Props that Sparkle!

Jewelry, as mentioned above, can be a beloved item like that giant sparkler he gave you.  But a really large, oversized ring, or a strand of pearls, or possibly an ankle bracelet can add detail to even the most classic boudoir photos.  Long stands of pearls can be added for some of the poses, and easily removed to give images a slightly different flavor.  One aspect of a long strand of pearls that is an added benefit is that it can give the subject of the photo something to do with her hands.  Having something to touch, run your fingers through, or gently hold gives energy to some photographs that can be very appealing.

4.  Feathers are Props that will Tickle Him!

Feathers are lite, airy.  Large feathers can bring an angelic feel to your boudoir photography session.  Feathers bring a softer, sensual element to a boudoir photograph, and can also be used in a bridal boudoir photography session.  While some photographs can be so retouched all natural skin elements are removed to form an unbelievable plastic texture, leaving those sexy goosebumps intact after running a ticklish feather along your torso can be very sexy!

5.  His Tie/Shirt – Props He Will Love

Wearing the tie or shirt of your beloved is a traditional, classic wardrobe item in a boudoir session.  It is not an uncommon fantasy of a man to visualize his lady wearing his plain white button down oxford shirt.  Wear that shirt with some sexy undies, a pair of stiletto heels, or some thigh high boots and you have one sexy outfit for your boudoir shoot.  From the photographer’s perspective, starting with items that can be removed helps to build the story in a boudoir session, providing continuity but also variety – taking items off one at a time!

6.  Foot Wear – Props for Sexy Legs

Sexy shoes are a must at your boudoir photography session.  While very high heels and calf hugging boots are super sexy, paired with the right items, your tennis shoes can be equally sexy!  Just image you wearing your sexiest bra and panty set with your cleats and your favorite driver!  Show him you know exactly how to handle a wood!  Love your Converse All Stars?  Display your personality pairing them with a pair of boy shorts and, well, nothing at all.  Hence, lets give you a variety of looks and help feed that foot fettish!

7.  Champagne – Bubbles are Props!

Taking some photographs at your boudoir shoot with a bottle of his favorite scotch, or a sexy bottle of champagne is a great prop.  If your boudoir photo shoot is to commemorate a celebration that will include the bubbly, then it can make your gift to him come alive.  Image sitting there, enjoying your glasses of champagne, and you present him with your photo album, and he will see those sexy photos!  Yes, there you are in your lingerie sipping champagne in a photo and he raises his eyes in surprise and there you are – sipping champagne!  Maybe you will have that same lingerie on beneath that sexy dress you wore out to dinner?

8.  Flowers  Are Props At Times

Flowers and rose petals can provide added interest and variety in your boudoir photography.  These natural, earthy Props can be strewn across the bed.  A bouquet of roses used as a Prop as you lower your nose to gently take in the aroma of the blooms.  Also, just sitting in a vase next to the bed giving color and variety to your photographs can add to the depth and texture of those photos.

9.  Fishnet or Silk Stockings Props for those Long Legs

Oh, what is sexier than stockings?  Used with garters or just the thigh high types are sexy as hell.  Whether wearing a corset or just some sexy undies, these accessories are erotic.  Likewise, shots with and without them give variety to your boudoir photo shoot with really only a minor change in the wardrobe.  I find that those shoots really produce continuity in the story of a boudoir session. Therefore, this Prop is almost a necessity!

10.  Fifty Shades?  Could be some Kinky Props!

You know what I mean hear…that stuff.  The fun prop that just pushes boudoir photography over the edge a bit.  Anything that spells bondage, domination, etc.  Whips, blindfolds, handcuffs, riding crop, chains – what have you.  This type of collection can really show you have a wild side!  Who knows?  They could even broaden your horizons and wake up that vixen inside!

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