How to Rock that Red Lipstick at your Boudoir Photography Session

Yes!  Christmas is coming up and boudoir photography is a wonderful gift for him!  Considering the holiday, many women are inquiring if they should wear red lipstick in there boudoir  photography.  I adore red lipstick.  It is hot, sexy, romantic and is a very erotic addition to your images! Try this Guide for Preparing for a complete low down on getting ready for a boudoir session.  

Here is my list of five ways to rock that red lipstick.

1.  Simple is Sexy

Red lipstick is bold, crying for you to look in that direction!  Don’t give your viewer competition.  When wearing red hot lipstick you do not want to overdo the eye shadow or the blush.  When you wear red lipstick, that’s where you want his eyes to go.  Therefore, do not make it hard on him!

2.  Be Bold

When you wear red lipstick, you are making a statement.  This is not the time to be coy!  Red lipstick needs to be worn boldly, with great confidence.  Thus, when you wear red lipstick, you may have more images that spell daring, bold, aggressive.  Notably, you may be asked to address the camera for more of your images.  

3.  Find the Perfect Shade

Red lipstick is not one size fits all.  Red lipsticks can be pure red, or have undertones.  Those undertones may be gold, purple, mauve, and even orange.   Therefore, if you’re tan with warm undertones, you may be able to wear a red lipstick with orange-based shades much easier than those who have cooler complexions.  

I recommend that if you are not expert at color selection, or detecting those undertones, you should get expert help from a professional.  However, don’t settle for the first opinion.  Talk to multiple experts at the make up counters where you can trust the products that are represented.

4.  Keep it Clean

Red lipstick is not very forgiving, you have to stay in the lines!  If you have a smudge or miss a spot, it will be very apparent.  Therefore, be extra cautious applying that red lipstick so it is perfect!  

First, outline those luscious lip’s cupid bow with a lip pencil to avoid making mistakes when you get to the lip color.  Then outline your entire lip line.  Once you have your lips outlined with that red lip liner, go ahead and fill in the entirety of your lips with your liner.  When done, blot.  Now apply your lip color.  If you want it glossy, add clear lip gloss.  If not, let it stay matte.  Voila!

 5.  Stop There!

Yes, red is wonderful, but lets not over do it!  Reds are very difficult to match!  Therefore, if your lips are hot red you should be judicious with other uses of red.  Rather than pairing with red bra and panties, better to pair with black lingerie with perhaps just a red accent bow, stitching, or appliqué.  

Don’t be afraid to rock that red lipstick at your boudoir photography session!  It’s going to look sexy as hell!

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