Sexiest Item A Boudoir Session?

Sense of humor – the Sexiest!

The absolute most important and sexiest wardrobe item you will need?  A sense of humor!  That is hands down the Sexiest thing you can bring!  However, to learn everything else you should bring, try this Guide to Preparing.

Oh yes, you will be rocking those panties, garters, and heels!  And they are going to look sexy as hell…however, there’s more to sexy than meets the eye!  

Expression sells sexy!

Your expression is going to tell the Sexiest story.  That will be my job as the photographer.  I will be teasing out the nuances of your expression.  I’m going to do that by trying to put you at ease during your boudoir photo shoot.  Everyone who comes to Houston area boudoir studio Heights Boudoir Photography located in the shadow of downtown Houston is nervous.  

I daresay the models you see arrive a little nervous.  Think about it, a professional model, whether full time or someone who dabbles on the side, is nervous.  Doesn’t that give you a little perspective?  I have had models come with their significant others, why, well, because they are nervous.  They don’t know what to expect, coming to a stranger’s home, getting naked or nearly naked.  And she is a professional, imagine how much more so that feeling is for someone who has never done anything like this in their life.  Other models will come by, visit with me and see the studio just to make sure they will feel comfortable.  They have probably had some unsavory experiences in the past – details you can imagine.  My point, your nervousness is anticipated, and I want you to be a little nervous.

 A little nervous means your anticipating the experience, thinking about the preparation, shopping with a little extra pizzazz in mind.  Yes, I love a little nervous!

Be Happy to be the Sexiest You!

Once you get here, you will relax.  Once you are sitting in that chair, getting the makeover of your life by Michelle the makeup artist, you will relax.  Perhaps a glass of champagne or a mimosa will help you settle in a little bit more.  You and I will have established a friendship already, because there is a lot of back and forth in getting ready for your shoot!  But you are quickly going to realize, this is going to be FUN.  While Michele is is getting your ready by creating the perfect look that you are striving for, we will be reviewing your lingerie, picking out props.  Last touches on the sets to showcase your fabulous boudie!  Your favorite music playing in the background.  Chocolate for sustenance.  One last look in the mirror!  You are fricking fabulous!  That’s something to smile about.

Shamelessly the Sexiest!

It may not be a massage, it may not be an hour soak in a mud bath, but it is a way of feeding your sexy soul.  Getting in touch with that sexy side of yourself, in a shameless, supportive environment is priceless.  Once you realize you are in safe hands, you are going to let loose that vixen inside of you!

Now that vixen has multiple dimensions.  She has a smile that will be sassy, another that will be pure sex!  However, I’m also going to find her sultry smile, and her most sultry smile in just her eyes.  That vixen is there, and its time to let her out of the cage we trap so many of our female personas inside.  Afraid she’s not sexiest enough, afraid she will be hurt if let loose.  We’re cutting her loose and setting her free!  Now that’s something to smile about!

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Celebrate your sexy self – shamelessly!


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