Houston Boudoir Photographer’s 5 Sexy Props

Props and accessories started to be incorporated into sexy images and tasteful photos around the 1940s.  While the potential Sexy Props list for a boudoir photography session is endless, I have come to love these five items.  The lingerie is not included as props, that’s a no brainer.  However, these items will spice up any boudoir session!    Also, if you want to read about all the components of getting ready for your boudoir session, try reading this Guide to Preparing

1.  His Button Up

This is my favorite of the Sexy Props.  Wearing his classic button up is a traditional, classic wardrobe choice for a boudoir session.  It is not an uncommon fantasy of a man to visualize his lady wearing his plain white button down oxford shirt.  Wear that shirt with some sexy undies, a pair of stiletto heels, or even bare foot and bare assed and you have  one sexy outfit for your boudoir session.  

2.  Pearls

Jewelry, as mentioned above, can be a beloved item like that giant sparkler he gave you.  However, that classic set of long pearls just looks so wonderful in boudoir images.  An additional aspect to the beloved pearls, they give you something to do with your hands!  Having something to touch, run your fingers through, or gently hold gives energy to some photographs that can be very appealing.  

3.  Super High Heels

Sexy shoes are a must at your boudoir photography session.  Wearing high heels will help with posing, assisting with creating that glorious S-curve we are always working toward.  However, high heels should not be the wedge variety.   Additionally, heels should be tapered.  Also, black and nude colors are great choices that will carry you through most lingerie options.  

4.  A Lace Cover Up

A lace cover up, whether a short, sheer robe, just a wrap, or lace scarf will give your hands something to play with as well as create a little femininity and mystery in your images.  The additional cover on arms is also a nice benefit for those of us that have less then toned arms!  

5.  That Thing…

That thing is that Sexy Props are totally all about you!  This is the item that is unique to you or the one you are gifting these images.  If you or your special someone are a fan of a sports team, this item could be a team jersey.  However, if you or your special someone loves golf, the prop could be a pair of cleats and a lucky nine iron.  Therefore, if you or your special someone can’t get enough chive, it could be a funky pair of socks and matching panties that would be the best Sexy Props that meant something for you.  

I love it when images are personal.  I love to help my client tell their story with images!  Prop selection is really a fun component for clients.  And that makes the preparation so much fun for you!


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