Houston Boudoir Photography Shoot Accessories: Stockings

Stockings are one of my favorite Houston Boudoir Photography Shoot Accessories!  Stockings are sexy, give images a classic look that flatter many!  However, there are some tricks to pulling off the stocking look in boudoir images.  Therefore, if you are considering stockings at your Houston Boudoir Photography Session, read on!

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Types of Stockings for Boudoir Photos

Houston Boudoir Photography Shoot Accessories often include some type of stockings.  The types that you may be considering are the traditional silky stockings, the thigh high stockings that are suspended with elastic, and fishnet variations.  

Silky Stockings

Silky stockings for your Houston Boudoir Photography Shoot Accessories are my favorite.  These do not have the elastic or rubberized at the top of the thigh.  These stockings are suspended by garters.  The garters may be connected to a belt.  However, you may also find the garters attached to the bottom of your corset or other lingerie item.  

Silky stockings can be black, nude, or another color that matches your style.  However, I do prefer nude with white, red, or other colorful lingerie.  Notably, black stockings with black lingerie just rocks!  Of course, your style must dominate!

Houston Boudoir Photography Shoot Accessories

Houston Boudoir Photography Shoot Accessories like stockings

Thigh High Stockings

Thigh High Stockings have an elastic or rubber material that allows them to stay put.  While these are smoking hot, and rather modern looking, I have one difficulty with thigh highs.  Namely, the dreaded muffin thigh.  Even slim legs will get a bit of muffin thigh with these stockings.  Therefore, if you intend to rock this look, assess if you are falling victim of this condition!  However, even with a bit of muffin thigh, you can rock these Houston Boudoir Photography Shoot Accessories – with some careful posing!

Fishnet Stockings

An uncommon but sexy choice for Houston Boudoir Photograph Shoot Accessories are the smoking fishnets!  Fishnets often harken to another day!  However, the fishnets usually are purchased like the silky stockings with a connection area at the thigh for garters.  Although, there are fishnets pantyhose that are also smoking hot for a different look!  And I mean smoking!

Another consideration, is the fishnet body suit.  Sorry, it’s hot as hell!  I just happen to love all things fishnet…but I love all things Cher and that smoking era!

Stocking Hacks

To connect stockings to a garter, stretch the garter straps out to the very end.  This will give you a bit of extra room to maneuver.  The clip is behind the ribbon usually.  Frames are plastic or metal (metal will last longer).  The plastic nub fits in the wide part of the frame.  Once connected to the stockings, tighten the straps.  Obviously, the straps in the back will be longer to accommodate your bum.  

If you get a run in your tights, pop a bit of hairspray or nail polish to stop the run.  Sorry, runs are kinda hot too!

Getting the seam straight on is never easy.  Roll the stocking up, and slip over your toes and watch through the mirror that the line is going up the center of the back of your leg.

Slip on a pair of gloves to prevent snagging on nails, hangnails, etc.

If going out and about, put your undies over your stockings and garter.  This is the actual way women wore their hose in the past.  Getting to the ladies room is a lot simpler!  However, any excitement after your night out on the town lets those sexy stockings stay in place!

If practicing for your boudoir session, just slide the belt off with the stockings connected and voila – slipping back into them is easy as pie!

Here is a video on Youtube that explains connecting stockings to a garter

When Stockings Won’t Do

Houston Boudoir Photography Shoot Accessories are always a personal decision.  Notably, this must consider a woman’s style!  Therefore, if you do not own a pair of high heels or stockings, is this right for you?  However, always wanted to rock this look?  Don’t be afraid to try something new.  

Perhaps its me, but if you don’t want to wear those stockings for a night out on the town or a quiet evening NOT out on the town, then do you want to commemorate yourself wearing stockings?  Lets make this about you!  You are, after all, what a boudoir session is really all about!

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