The ABCs of Wax!

There are many variations of the Bikini Waxing.  And it’s not just about wearing bikinis!  

If you are not a regular at the waxing salon, read on.  If you have never been to a waxing salon, read on.  Importantly, if you are considering waxing prior to your boudoir photography session, here’s the low down!

While I am sure there can be endless variations, there appears to be about five different types of bikini waxing.  Lets take them on one by one.

If you would like to read more about preparing for a boudoir portraiture session, you might like this Guide to Preparing.  

Normal Bikini Waxing

If you request the normal bikini waxing, hair will  be removed outside the panty line.  You would use the case of a normal pair of bikini cut panties, not a thong or g-string.  A normal bikini wax might work well for a first timer.  This could work well for a boudoir session that is a little more on the modest side, without sheer panties.  The vintage lingerie would be perfect for this level of grooming!  

However, if you plan to don a skimpy pair of panties, some hair may poke out.  If this is problematic, consider the next level of hair removal.

Modified Bikini Waxing

If requesting the modified bikini waxing, a larger patch of hair will be removed.  A triangle will remain, but much smaller than with the normal bikini waxing.  Notably,, this procedure is still not too intimidating.  The pain level is definitely up a notch!  If this is your first visit to a waxing salon, this may be the best option for you.  More lingerie options will work with the modified, although the skimpiest of lingerie may continue to be problematic.

Some salons use this level of waxing interchangeably with the next category of waxing.  

Landing Strip

Rather than the triangle of hair left with the modified bikini waxing, the landing strip will be exactly that, a strip of hair on the pubic mons.  However, there are variations on this theme.  One woman may prefer a square patch.  Another woman might prefer the vertical strip.  However, an artist may prefer a lightning bolt!

Your bikini wax technician will help you decide on a shape that will work for you.  Also, the remaining hair can be trimmed during this procedure.  Obviously, more hair removal will result in increased discomfort during this procedure.  


The Brazilian wax will result in all the hair being removed from the pubic mons, labia, and surrounding area.  However, you may request a landing strip or some variation of the landing strip.  Most, when selecting the Brazilian waxing, plan to go completely bare.  Do communicate with your technician if you want any hair to remain prior to “taking off”.  (Sorry, it was low hanging fruit.)  

As there is a lot of hair being removed with the Brazilian, it can be very uncomfortable.  Also, as you get closer to the, err, heart of the matter, the area is more and more sensitive.  However, this level of waxing will prepare you for most lingerie styles.  Most of all, if considering a nude portrait, this level will have you covered!  Or, rather, uncovered!

Hollywood Waxing

The Hollywood waxing will remove all the hair from all the pubic area.  This includes the front, the back, and areas between.  You can elect to have a landing strip or variation thereof, but make your desire clear to the waxing technician providing your service prior to commencing.  When completed, you will have no hair.  No hair on the labia, all surrounding regions, anus, and along the gluteal crease.  You will not have any pubic hair peaking out of any lingerie, including a thong or g-string.  

Women who receive the Hollywood waxing as a lifestyle choice report they feel “fresh” after a procedure.  Absolutely, a wonderful look if electing nude portraiture or very sheer lingerie.  However, for the beginner, it can be very intimidating.  Of all the levels of hair removal, this procedure is going to offer the most discomfort.  

Houston has many salons that offer hair removal services.  A local business in the Heights that comes highly is The Wax Spot.  The Wax Spot is located on 4th Street and you can read more about their services here


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