Houston Boudoir Photos Best Outfit Ideas: White Sheet!

Houston Boudoir Photos Best Outfit Ideas:  a white sheet of course!  While every outfit is unique to each woman, that sexy white sheet rocks!  However, every woman wears that white sheet in her own way!  Therefore, be sure and end your session with this staple at Heights Boudoir.

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Houston Boudoir Photos Best Outfit - a white sheet!

Houston Boudoir Photos Best Outfit Idea may be just a White Sheet


No White Sheet Needed to Pull Off the  Houston Boudoir Photos Best Outfit Ideas!

No need to bring your own white sheet!  We have you covered there (no pun intended).  All you need is you!  However, if you are a bit on the shy side, do bring a nude colored strapless bra and thong.  Most, however, go into the dressing room/bathroom and wrap in the sheet – there is never any reason to be completely exposed.   Therefore, plan on using the white sheet as one of your looks if you think you would like the implied nudity in your set of images.  


Houston Boudoir Photos Best Outfit Ideas:  Whatever your wearing!

Of all the Houston Boudoir Photos Best Outfit Ideas, the white sheet is the most versatile!  It is as sexy as you want it to be!  All the bits can be strategically covered or barely uncovered!  Is that a nip slip or an intended eyebrow raiser!  However, if all that makeup and big hair is weighting you down, this outfit idea is also a good time to wipe a bit of the makeup off and appear more au naturale.   Recently, a client asked if she could do this portion of her session without her makeup.  Although tall and beautiful, she described herself as “far from a sex kitten”.  Therefore, about halfway through her white sheet session she took it all off – and her images were still very stunning.  

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Houston Boudoir Photos Best Outfit - no outfit at all!

Houston Boudoir Photos Best Outfit may just be no outfit at all!



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