Houston Boudoir Photos Erotic Accessories

Houston Boudoir Photos Erotic accessories can include a very tame pair of fur covered handcuffs.  However, if your fun and games includes a leather mask and some type of flogging device – bring it!  Your boudoir images will be very meaningful to your partner if you share your actual personality in those images!  

Houston Boudoir Photos Erotic Accessories – Restraints

Restraints come in a wide variety of types for Houston Boudoir Photos Erotic images!  A long strand of pearls can be wrapped around wrists for a sexy boudoir image in white or light toned panties.  However, your handcuffs paired with black lacy panties and bra and a leather motorcycle jacket is also smoking.  

The art of Shibari may be your cup of tea.  Never heard of it?  This ancient art pushes the boundaries in the ancient Japanese practice of knot tying and can be super sexy!  Try this Houston Rope site to learn more…

Houston Boudoir Photos Erotic Heights Boudoir Bondage Style

Houston Boudoir Photos Erotic Bondage at Heights Boudoir

Houston Boudoir Photos Erotic Accessories can be about dressing up – but remember, it must reflect the true you!  Notably, that true you may be fighting to get out!  

Houston Boudoir Photos Erotic Accessories – Sensory Deprivation

Houston Boudoir Photos Erotic accessories like a blind fold can be fun!  A blind fold can be a genuine blind fold, but also, a very feminine version could be a man’s tie.  His red power tie as a blind fold paired with your black or red panties can make some very sexy images!  However, if he is the one into sensory deprivation, you could be holding the tie as if you are about to use it on him!  

Don’t Forget the Whips!

A bit of flogging into your routine?  A sexy whip can make some awesome boudoir images.  However, even though very sexy the actual device should be your style!  Notably, if you prefer a paddle, cat-of-nine-tails, rod – well, you get the idea!  Bring what works for you!  I know I sound like a broken record, but it needs to be all about your personal taste!

Who Am I Without My Mask?

Masks as an erotic accessory tell a sexy story!  At Heights Boudoir, there are plenty of pretty masks with feathers, sparkles, etc.  However, your mask could be a half mask, cats eye mask, half face or full face executioner’s mask.  Notably, whatever your personal style!  Therefore, some masks are very sexy and feminine and pair well with pretty lingerie.  Other masks, well, you are going to need that over the top corset, elastic strappy number, or pleather bodysuit!

In Conclusion…

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