Your Damn Right – Boudoir for Plus Size Women!

Due to the nature of boudoir images, I do not ever ask clients to share an image.  Therefore, I will often get an email from Houston women seeking boudoir to the effect, “Do you only photograph thin women for boudoir?”  “NO!”  I definitely photograph Plus Size Women and Boudoir for Plus Size Women is sexy as hell!

Plus Size Women love boudoir!  Many women love their curves!  However, with wardrobe planning, posing, lighting, camera angles, and a little retouching, every women will look slimmer.  It is important to note that even very slim women will have less than flattering bulges when posed in a certain way.  Also, showcasing curves is easier than creating them where there are none!

Houston Plus Size Women get ready just like their not so curvy friends by checking out this Guide to Preparing!

Plus Size Women Houston Boudoir-1

Plus Size Women Houston Boudoir-1

Plus Size Women Models on Website

Plus Size Women models are very popular!   Body shaming has become so problematic in our social media and I certainly understand why someone may wish to avoid the insults of others.  These women who proudly bear their curves need to be commended.  However, the internet can be so cruel!

It is difficult to convey to women that it is not just model-esque physiques that seek boudoir images.  Plus size women are a large portion of the clients at Heights Boudoir!  They are sexy, strong, confident or searching for a bit of confidence and enjoy a boudoir experience to help assure them they are smoking hot!

Curve Flattering Lingerie

Plus Size Women will benefit with well fitting lingerie.  However, women of all sizes often wear iill fitting bras.  Department stores personnel are more interested in selling you a bra then selling you a bra that will make you look and feel amazing!  Therefore, I encourage all women to receive a true, professional fitting!  You may be surprised and how much better you will feel with great foundation items!    

Retro is Hot on Plus Size Women

A new retro vibe in lingerie is fantastic on Plus Size Women!  The panties are high waisted.  Stomachs tend to be an area women of all body types are self conscious of.   Also, briefs with a lace top can create a smoother transition between skin and the material of the lower portion of the panty.   However, no matter what you wear, you must feel sexy in the lingerie!  Therefore, keep shopping until you find the perfect combination of comfort, sexiness, and being visually flattering.


Bodysuits, Corsets and Bustiers

These items offer cover over the abdomen, draw attention to the hourglass shape, and tend to be very flattering.  However, the corset, particularly, can really add shape and provide support.  Again, the item should make you feel amazing!

Plus Size Women May Wish to Avoid Ruffles

Plus Size Women do not need ruffles.  However, I know those ruffles can be playful!.  Therefore, if you bring some ruffles, we may grab a few fun shots then move on to something a bit more flattering. 

Babydoll style nighties tend to add volume and hide those curves also.  However, if you love your babydoll, we can clip them to a form fitting shape during your session!  Importantly, posing can cure less than flattering lingerie.  However, how it photographs does not mean the item is not sexy as hell!


Many women have a plethora of black lingerie, and that’s fine.  However, nude, pink, and almost any other color work very well also.  We are all conditioned to think black is slimming, and judging by the quantity of black in my wardrobe I appear to concur!  However, its important to get a variety of looks and I would not just bring black.  

If you love a certain color, go for it.  I do not think color matters that much.  Lace items do give softness and transitions from skin to the material of the lingerie and is very flattering.  Prints can be dating, and Plus Size Women do tend to avoid larger prints.  However, if you have a lovely, slinky robe that pairs well with your lingerie, do bring it to your boudoir shoot!

The Most Important Prop for Plus Size Women

Don’t forget the most important prop for Plus Size Women!   While lingerie is only part of what you wear during your boudoir photo shoot,  importantly, your sexy bedroom eyes, and sultry smile are going to be the star in many of your photos!  Most noteworthy, they come in one size fits all!   Therefore, your attitude is what will rock those photos!

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