What You Need to Know About Posing

Posing is different for every woman!  There are a few basics we will go over, but you do not need to worry about posing ahead of time.  Read Guide to Preparing for more information.


Posing can be frightening when you are anticipating a boudoir photography session.  Rest assured, I have photographed many boudoir photography sessions with overjoyed customers.   I will pose you down to your fingertips!  Therefore, you do not need to worry about a thing. Before we begin, you and I will go over a few simple concepts and you will understand what I mean when I say, softer hands, turn toward the light, bring your shoulder around.  

Posing and Direction

The Posing should be flattering.  And to be honest, I don’t have a crystal ball.  Sometimes I just have to get you in the pose to know!  The lighting will also be adjusted that is the most flattering.  You will receive direction from the photographer that will flatter you  Once it is time for your shoot, you will be directed with simple adjustments such as, “bring that shoulder near me down a bit, bring your chin forward a bit, look up at me with your sexy eyes, look over my left shoulder…”  Its super simple and you absolutely have nothing to worry about!

Posing for the Scene

During your shoot we will set a scene, and you will be the star of the scene. We will begin with a base pose, then work our way through that pose by making small changes. You may work your way into an uncomfortable position, but that position will translate differently on the camera then what you are thinking in your head, “why does she have that camera under my rear?”  You are going to get a fabulous photograph of your bum!  Believe me!

Advanced Posing

Even though there is an arsenal of poses, really, a lot will depend on the types of shots you desire. If you love your fabulous set of knock…(you know) then we may showcase the girls a little more prominently in the choices of poses. If you absolutely hate your left ear, we will try to pose that ear away from camera as much as possible! Every woman is different. There is no set of standard poses. We are going to work together to make sure you get fabulous poses that you are going to rock!

In Conclusion…

You worry about lingerie, getting a good nights sleep, and having a new experience!  And don’t forget to bring the Sexiest Item at a Boudoir Session!

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