Boudoir Pregnancy Lingerie for Photos

“What should I wear?”  This has to be the question I hear the most!  However, it is not a one size fits all answer when it comes to your Pregnancy Lingerie for a boudoir photography session.  The woman coming in for a maternity boudoir session has unique lingerie issues.  Especially relevant, she still wants to have beautiful images capturing this time of her life!  For more information try this blog on Maternity Boudoir.  

Pregnant or not, this Guide to Preparing will have some good ideas for getting ready for your boudoir session.

The Pregnant Woman

I know that being pregnant has a number of challenges.  In addition, women may not feel their bodies are attractive.  At seven or eight months pregnant (and sometimes a bit beyond), celebrating that blossoming body in sexy Pregnancy Lingerie may be the last thing you really want to do!  Take it from me, though, a maternity shoot celebrating the changes your body is experiencing is a move you will not regret.  

Personally, I have only a couple of snap shots, and I deeply regret not celebrating such a wonderful time more thoroughly.  As every grandchild comes along, I remember those days of carrying my own.  No keepsake to really take me back though.  Therefore, beautiful images of you at this time of your life will long be treasured!

Pregnancy Lingerie

Try a Teddy

A pretty teddy can make you feel sensuous.  A teddy also offers more coverage than just a bra.  You will want to select a teddy that has built in support, preferably an underwire.  Therefore, Pregnancy Lingerie of a teddy that is open down the center will showcase your baby bump optimally.  

Panty with Tank

If frilly is not your thing, a simple tank top with matching panty may be a good option for you.  This look gives you the sultry girl next door image.  Going braless with your tank will give the look a bit more sass.  However, if not having the support is not an option, a vividly colored bra can add a bit of visual interest.  Also, it offers its own brand of sexiness!

Bra and Panty

Bra and panty ensembles always look terrific and your baby bump will be front and center!  A bit of lace on the top of the panties works well.  The bra should have built in support, preferably an underwire.  However, if the girls are still pert consider the bralette!  


While all that could make you feel a little “too exposed”, another choice is to include a coverup.   Hence, when you are not really feeling at your sexiest, this item adds modesty and interest.  This could be a large button up shirt, a soft short robe, a sheer coverup.  Solid colors will work better on the cover up item.  Furthermore, a large scarf or just a piece of sheer material will give you just the cover you need to feel your sexiest!  

A Smile

Always a nice option!  However, you probably will not be completely naked!  Strategic posing, lighting, or a white sheet session can give you the cover you need to achieve the implied nude.  Many women come into the studio thinking, “no way”.  Most noteworthy, many of those same women are asking at the end of the session, “can we try…”  

What not to Wear

High-waisted panties

Leave the high waisted items home.  Although they give a lovely classical look on some, they do not work well with your maternity images.  This style just does not flatter your baby bump.  Think panties that will rest comfortably below your bump.  As a result, you will avoid awkward bunching or folds.  

Anything Tight

I can see that for street clothing, snug maternity clothing is very stylish.  However, for your maternity boudoir photography session, well fitting and flowing pieces will provide you with the optimal images.  

Shopping Anyone?

A good start for shopping for lingerie for Pregnancy Boudoir Photography include Motherhood Maternity   In Houston, A Woman’s Work  appears to offer good quality lingerie for pregnancy.  



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